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December Horoscopes For Queer Women: Closing Out The Year

December 3, 2018

What the stars are telling you about the end of 2018.

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It’s the last month of 2018! Greetings, Capricorn season. This year, the Sun travels into Capricorn right on the full moon in Cancer. We’re all dealing with family drama this year. A Mercury that finally goes direct on the 3rd has us settling differences that may have ignited during Thanksgiving. Hopefully, it’s stint in Scorpio had us do some necessary, deep digging.

On the first week of December, take it easy. You’ll be winding down in terms of energy because it’s the week of the new moon. Mercury stationing direct early on this week will have you reeling. Take time to investigate yourself with some dedicated slumber and the analyzing of dreams. Take what’s happening subconsciously seriously. Get some mental and emotional rest.

Take time to put the year in review, too. A Sagittarius New Moon wants you to believe in your true self. Examine what that means and who what you want to embrace for yourself in this coming year. 

What piece of negativity from a year ago, or five years ago, or twenty years ago are you still carrying around? What have people around you (who were not intentional about their own emotional boundaries) convince you about yourself? Release that. 

When you approach family stuff again in late December—close to that Cancer Full Moon on the 22nd—you’ll do it from a place of emotional maturity. You will do it from the place of Sun in Capricorn, will gives you boundaries, structure, and a clear sense of self. You’ll be convinced of yourself, which is 90% of the work.


Let go of something personal. There is a deep tenderness all the way inside you, a self that suffers because you are resilient. You’re a dandelion child but no one will know your strength if you don’t talk about your pain. Bring your private turmoil out into a public space and invite those who share it to see you.

It’s your pain that will prove your strength and leadership abilities. Don’t believe them when they tell you that you have to become unfeeling to get ahead. It’s because you know what it’s like on the bottom that you can look into the eyes of those also suffering.


There’s a depth of emotional wisdom to your words that you need to bring into the external sphere. Express yourself through your crafting of emotion. You’re a sensual animal and you can deal in sensations to other people. You’re capable of making statements that are heartfelt and momentous in short and simply phrases.

This month, encourage yourself to talk. Use your language, which may be a touch or a color here and there. Indulge yourself in the exchange of sensation. Have a conversation that may be silent but definitely there for everyone to feel.


Think about sex and what it means to you. Have a conversation about it. Have sex, if you want to. Have sex for the sake of pleasure and not for any other reason. What you need right now in your life is an exercise in desire.

Desire is the most powerful thing you have. Wield it like a tool. Use it to engage yourself in your life again, to engage others with you. Believe in your own attraction. You have the ability to communicate the ways you want to be looked at, touched, and held with the people you want.


Focus on you and what you want this year. You may have a lot of family pressure to be someone who you’re not, or to become another person when you’re with your family. This year, try presenting the truest version of yourself rather than a version that they accept and you don’t.

You might feel naked when you do this or provoke some reactions that are far from ideal, but you’re grown enough to handle this as long as you’re staying true to yourself. Stay in another’s eyes for a moment. What could you do that will make others respect you more?


Do what needs to be done to get your life in order. Your physical habits have an immense affect on your mental health. Pull yourself together and sweep your floor, wash your sheets, and eat your veggies. Get up at a healthy time, not at noon or 5am. Cut out stimulants and depressants from your life.

You’ll start to feel better, if you can prove to yourself that you have a handle on life. You need to see yourself taking control through action. Make good habits and the rest will follow.


This year, prioritize spending time with friends and community over your blood family. Remember to have some fun during the holiday cheer. Practice more ways of love than those that have been presented to you by your birth parents. Give and receive in solidarity with your peers.

Remember that there’s no right method of love and that your chosen family is just as valid as your birth one. It can get just as messy and be just as necessary. Treasure those chosen people this year.


Build your own connection to your roots, your culture, and your heritage. Your blood family or your parents don’t have to have a monopoly on what your culture is. You are here in the now and able to create and remix it on your own terms.

Go back to your home country, learn a few more phrases in your native language, and let yourself have your own opinion on a tradition. Your culture lives on in you, on your own terms. They don’t have to have follow your parents’ values if you don’t share them.


In order to really understand your message and process, you have to understand your goals. Visualize your goals and let that guide the words you use. Always think about the larger context. This time around, you are comparing what you’re doing to everything else that is out there because you exist with everything else that is out there.

Shape your words with a belief in yourself that doesn’t go away. You know who you are and what you want. The rest of history.


When you have an immense desire for something, you already have it. You just have to figure out how to do it. What’s less important than what you have is what you don’t have. When you want something, you already have the tools available to get it. 

Let go of what your past has told you about your self esteem. You deserve what you want—otherwise, you wouldn’t want it. Let yourself become your deserving self through self love.


Think about other people and what they need. Practice empathy over and over again, even if imperfectly. What you need is to soften yourself and that comes from messing up in front of people whose opinions you care about over and over again. Understanding when you’re not needed will go a long way in understanding yourself.

Care about another’s needs by listening. Bond with someone and let yourself need them. Admit your own needs out loud to someone else. Tenderness is coming your way.


You have a lot of hidden fears that consume your daily habits. Maybe you procrastinate on things because you’re fearful that you’ll be judged by your results. Maybe you get up late or stay up late because you want to avoid the day times. Maybe you don’t drink water because you don’t want to feel your body.

Get cozy with those fears because your habits need to change and the best time to change them are now. Habits live in the deepest region of your brain, which is where you have to go to really face yourself.


Don’t forget to love your friends. Sometimes, we can get so obsessed with hating our friends, judging our friends, and being jealous with our friends that we forget that our relationships with them are first founded on love. Do something in the spirit of love for those who have been there for you through thick and thin. It will make you feel more whole. Tell the people in your life that you love them with words. Don’t be afraid to let them believe it too.


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