Dear Lesbians, I Love You, Lez Me Count The Ways

Lesbians make the world go ’round.

Happy International Lesbian Day to all our lovely lesbians! We see you, we love you, and we celebrate you. Today is a day that we briefly put the worldwide dumpster fire burning on hold, and take time to be proud, be joyous, and be gay AF, obviously. Lesbians, in my humble sapphic opinion, are some of the strongest, most powerful humans on planet earth. Here are ten reasons I love you all so damn much.

Lesbians don’t take any shit.

When you grow up ~different~, you learn to not take any bullshit. Lesbians have an armor of sapphic strength. We run for office, sing love songs, unabashedly hold hands on the street, and do as we please. Even when we are faced with homophobia AND misogyny — the package deal!

Lesbians exude sex appeal and swag.

I mean, is it me, or are lesbians just naturally sexy AF? Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s her expensive vegan leather jacket. Either way, lesbians have unmatched prowess and confidence, making all of us collectively swoon.

Lesbians shatter glass ceilings on the daily.

Lesbians make history on the reg.

Lesbians don’t give a f*ck what you think.


Lesbians have and continue to fight for all of us.

Stormé DeLarverie

Stormé DeLarverie, a butch biracial lesbian threw the first punch at Stonewall. We have so much to thank lesbians for.

Lesbians make the best art.

I won’t use my trash unpopular opinion (I love Blue Is The Warmest Color) to defend this point, but I think we can all agree that lesbians make the most beautiful art, poetry, films, and books.

Lesbians are the best kissers.

Need I say more?

Lesbians are brave ass bitches.

It takes guts to be out and proud.

Lesbians love harder than anyone.


Sometimes maybe a little *too* hard. Codependency, anyone? But at least we are in touch with our feelings.

Lesbians make the world go ’round.

We would truly be nowhere without you, dear lesbians. Thank you for your contributions to the world, our culture, and our lives. You know you’re safe when a lez is around. Happy International Lesbian Day!

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