Charlie Amáyá Scott

Evan Benally Atwood


“I love who I am becoming, and I know that I am a brilliant and a powerful trans femme, and my womanhood defies and exists beyond the logics of the cis-heteronormativeimperialist-white supremacist-capitalist-settler colonial patriarchy that we currently exist in,” Charlie Amáyá Scott says. Born and raised on the Navajo Nation, Scott now wears many hats: they are a PhD candidate at the University of Denver, work for a non-profit, and do content creation and consulting. On her own blog, Scott explores what it means to be queer, trans, and Diné (what the Navajo call themselves, which translates to “The People”), while spreading messages of joy and justice on Instagram and TikTok. “Learning about settler colonialism, white supremacy, decolonization, climate justice – all of these heavy topics can be taught in accessible and fun ways,” Scott says of their social media. And there’s a lighter side. “I wanted to share with people my joy as an Indigenous, queer, and trans-femme, which can be so rare to witness on social media, and it is an honor to be able to share and inspire people to learn a little bit more and have fun.” Scott is also looking forward to what’s next. “I recently turned 28 and, astrologically, I’m at that point where my Saturn is returning, and I am both terrified and excited for the healing, the love, and the growth that I will experience. Right now, I am looking forward to finishing my doctoral program, so please send love my way.”

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