Lez GO Out: Emissary Is LA’s New Badass, Babe-Filled Night

This event is more than your typical night out, babe.

If there is one thing that we know about our GO readers, it’s that we all pretty much all live for nightlife. Whether it’s a night out at the local gay bar, grabbing drinks at the local dive bar, dancing our lives away at a club, or long dinners at a bougie restaurants—we’re all about experiencing life after the sun sets.

Which is why when we caught wind of CB Glasser’s new LA Tuesday night event “Emissary” at Blind Dragon on Sunset, we were immediately intrigued.

Why? Because Emissary is not your typical, let’s-get-drinks-and-dinner-and-then-get-really-drunk-booze-day-Tuesday kind of night, but because it appears to come with a healthy side of ~depth~ that’s often well, uh, “missing” in our nightlife culture (and our lives).

According to Emissary’s event page, the evening will begin with “a unique conversation with a diverse group of strong women, at the top of their fields. Spanning across various spheres: music, fashion, sex-positivity, and more. We’ve gathered our favorite female voices to enlighten your night with new ideas and dialogue.” Sex-positivity? Fashion? Music and Women? Sounds like *my* kind of party. Purr. 

This Tuesday (January 9th) the event will center around “women-identified artists” and will be followed by a special musical performance. Featured speakers and performers include the badass: Illma Gore, The Kaplan Twins, Niqko, Meg Zany, Alexandra Velasco, Cooper T. Moll, with a DJ performance by shErOck and a live musical performance by Saint Sinner.

Sound’s pretty interesting, doesn’t it, babes? Well lucky for you we sat down with the one and only CB Glasser to get a little more info on this pretty f*cking unique event.

GO Magazine: What is the inspiration behind this night?

CB Glasser: When I started doing programming for The Blind Dragon I was really excited because the space had so much potential. I wanted to work diligently toward bringing diverse audiences into the space who may not have been in before. We have a really amazing small plates and cocktail menu, the aesthetic is incredible and as a woman, in a mainly male-dominated industry, I thought this was an ideal opportunity to collaborate with Laura Wise, from Mothership fest and create something female driven.

GO: What do you hope women get out of it and how do you hope they feel when leaving?

CB: I hope that women who come to Emissary are excited to have been to a new type of experience outside of clubs or just grabbing dinner or drinks. I hope they feel inspired by the conversations and are eager to keep supporting women-centric programming.

GO: Help, we’re new to LA! Do you think this is the type of event one could attend alone, without feeling like a freak?

CB: This is absolutely the type of place and event you can come to solo. There’s a lot of mingling during the cocktail hour from 8-9pm and it’s easy to have conversations with the other attendees and talent. The space is intimate, not intimidating.

GO: If you could describe this event in ONE word what would it be?

CB: If I could describe this event in ONE word I would say – unique. It brings together nightlife with a DJ and a performance, as well as conversation and mental stimulation, a sense of community, not to mention a very chill lounge vibe with great food and drinks.

GO: Tell us about what makes it special/the guests that are going to be there?

CB: I am basically needing out of my body because Illma Gore (an incredible artist who did that very infamous piece of DT) will be joining us, as well as The Kaplan Twins who frankly I am obsessed with, they are such fun people and I love their art. Saint Sinner is going to be performing as well and I can’t say enough how awesome that is going to be, electric guitar and everything.

For tickets check out their event brite page.  See you there!

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