Cara Delevingne And The Women Who Have Loved Her: A Guide

Here’s a guide to some of our favorite (rumored) entanglements Cara’s had with women.

There’s a lot to love about Cara Delevingne. As if just being a British supermodel weren’t enough, the cult of personality that surrounds even her most minute gestures leaves us thinking she must be from another planet, like The Cool Planet. She’s effortless in everything from her eyebrows to her taste in onesies to strutting on the catwalk in all our favorite brands.

Unlike many celebrities under a bright spotlight, Delevingne seems to be one of the top party girls of this century while magically avoiding scandal. She avoids it without even trying. Despite having been photographed dropping a small bag (of what was probably coke) from her purse while opening the door to her pied-á-terre, her most notable public offense was the time she was moderately rude on a daytime talk show. Something about Delevingne suggests that she gets to play by different rules than the rest of society—like she’s Regina George from Mean Girls… but nice. It might be that one of her 17 glamorous godparents is none other than legendary Dynasty actress Joan Collins. Or maybe it’s the fact that her equally enchanting sister Poppy Delevingne is also a famous model and that they grew up in the poshest social circles in London.

Whatever the reason for her grace and magnetism, large corners of the world hold their breath whenever new rumors emerge about the openly bisexual actress/model’s love life. She’s had some truly picture-perfect romances. And some agonizingly mesmerizing ones. All of them, however, have made headlines.

Here’s a guide to some of our favorite (rumored) entanglements she’s had with women.

Michelle Rodriguez


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Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez (14 years her senior) famously canoodled throughout an apropos timeline from December 2013 to May 2014. The two were a wealth of girl-on-girl PDA, often seen making out and generally being cute at everything from courtside basketball games to award shows to trips to Mexico. Rodriguez told The Daily Mirror: “When we started hanging out, I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together.” But in May 2014, Rodriguez reportedly dumped Delevingne because she couldn’t handle her constant partying and conflicts due to Rodriguez’s The Fast and The Furious filming schedule. Throughout their titillating tryst, the two shared mutual declarations of love and even had been rumored to have wedding plans (in a bout of somewhat manic Twitter-fueled engagement hoopla that would become a hallmark of Delevingne’s relationships). At least the two gifted the world with super-cute queer couple madness and tomboy tomfoolery. I mean, that’s really all that fans of this shipping can ask for.

Annie Clark (St. Vincent)


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One of Delevingne’s most famous romances, her amour with budding filmmaker and full-time guitar goddess Annie Clark was, and continues to be, the stuff of legends. For a femme 4 femme rockstar/supermodel couple, Delevingne and Clark managed to keep up a decent public smoke screen at the beginning of their courtship. They never let anyone be totally sure that they were together, lest the paparazzi pounce and burst their love bubble. Though Cara Delevingne was known for being a fun-loving, balls-to-the-wall type, Clark’s St. Vincent persona was more strategic and tight-lipped about her personal life, acting as a buffer for the incessant (and rather sexist) questions reporters typically asked. Though she had been rumored to have dated a few women—Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, and Portlandia among them—Clark was not one to kiss and tell.

That all changed after Delevingne revealed her love for Clark in a Vogue interview. Though Clark would not publicly confirm much more than that Delevingne was “lovely” (in true Carol fashion, I might add, lol), Delevingne opened up to Vogue about her sexuality and revealed that she had never been in a more healthy and loving relationship. The two seemed like the perfect couple. With their chic color-coordinated outfits and general adorable-ness, the two were on par with Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor in cuteness and queer intensity. But their “difficult schedules,” along with being constantly hounded by the British paps, seemed to end their relationship after a year. (And, of course, another marriage proposal.) They both continue to speak extremely well of each other, so it’s clear there is still a lot of love and admiration between them. This was canonized in sound by St. Vincent’s Masseduction, purported to be her most real and most personal album to date. Most songs on the record appear to reveal intense romantic love and loss, at times sounding like a Queer As Folk episode and at other times like the last rites of the loneliest woman on the earth sung to a wilting piano.

Paris Jackson


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While rumors constantly swirl around Delevingne, it’s unclear whether she is currently dating Ashley Benson, Paris Jackson, or some combination of the two—and maybe a few others. In fact, rumors circulate wildly that they might all be involved in some sort of group relationship. Jackson made a nice case for her paramour earlier this year when she posted a tribute to Delevingne on Instagram, captioned “I love you.”

Whatever the truth is, the two are excessively pretty together and have been caught slow dancing and lightly snogging outside an Argentinian restaurant. Then there was the time Jackson Instagrammed a video of herself watching Carol with Delevingne, which sent the world into a frenzy to define the implications of the long-debated slang term, “Netflix and chill.”

If you’re hungry for more gossip, here’s a shortlist of other women that Delevingne has been “just friends” with: Dakota Johnson, Selena Gomez, Amber Heard, and Rita Ora.

Ashley Benson


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Delevingne was caught only a few months ago kissing her at London’s Heathrow Airport, so Ashley Benson is Delevingne’s most recent rumored love interest. She and the Pretty Little Liars star have been seen doing numerous questionably romantic activities of late, and it ‘s very possible that there’s something going on, which neither party has confirmed nor denied. For someone who leaves the house as often as Delevingne, though, you can never be sure what she’s up to with anyone or how serious it might be.

But no matter what’s going on in Queer Hollyweird, one can be sure it will be dramatic and entertaining. As important as it is to be aware of queer history, it is, in my humble opinion, equally important to keep abreast of the ins and outs of high-profile Venetian romances. Who knows? With enough research and dedication, some of you lovely readers might find yourselves with an opportunity to engage in a dalliance with a celesbian—or at least a D-lister.

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