Bill Repealing HB2 Introduced in North Carolina

The North Carolina State Legislature reconvened for the first time since HB2's passing

RALEIGH, NC — Protestors on both sides of the argument surrounding House Bill 2 gathered in downtown Raleigh today as the General Assembly began a new session – the first since HB2’s passing on March 23. 

Nearly 190,000 signatures demanding the repeal of the anti-LGBT bill have been delivered to the office of Gov. Pat McCrory by a collection of civil rights, faith, business, and advocacy groups. A group of Democrats from the General Assembly have filed a bill to repeal HB2, and say it is the sole purpose behind today’s short session. “We must act immediately to repeal this harmful legislation right now, before the push back nationally does real and long-term harm to our state,” said Rep. Darren Jackson (D), House District 39. House Bill 946 would repeal HB2, which forces transgender North Carolinians to use restroom facilities in schools and on publicly-owned properties that are inconsistent with their gender identities. It also removes non-discrimination protections on the basis of race, religion, national origin, and sex. 

There has been considerable backlash against Gov McCrory and North Carolina as a whole. Businesses have suffered, entertainers have cancelled events, and most recently, the British Foreign Office issued a travel advisory warning British citizens from traveling to certain parts of the United States, including North Carolina, because they risk facing discrimination. 

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