Bicon Chrissy Chlapecka Releases Full Version Of ‘I’m So Hot’

@chrissychlapecka by @ahowc

Why would I bother with touching anybody else? ‘Cause I’m so hot I’d f*ck myself!

Bimbos, himbos, and theybos, we have a new anthem thanks to Tiktok star and bimbo bicon Chrissy Chlapecka. Chlapecka has been blessing our screens since the beginning of the pandemic, rightfully known as the “sociopolitical bimbo of TikTok.” Whether it’s biting social commentary, hilarious POVs, campy all-pink outfits, or just general iconicity, you’ve likely seen the blonde Tiktoker with 5 million followers somewhere on the internet. And now, she’s taken her talent to the next level, with an official release of a certified bop.

Early last month, she began previewing her new single “I’m So Hot” and since then, girls gay and theys everywhere have been clawing through their phones with their acrylic nails to get the the full version. Now, the wait is over.

I’m in my mirror thinkin’ that between my thighs / I’m dripping diamonds know you wanna taste, but why? / Why would I bother with touching anybody else? / ‘Cause I’m so hot I’d fuck myself sings Chlapecka in the new song, which, is, to sum it up: LIT.


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“I’ve wanted to do music and be this little pop star forever,” Chlapecka told Inked Mag. “It’s been my dream since I was just a baby girl and doing it now is just the most incredible feeling. I’m having the time of my life and I’m currently working on songs with my producer almost every day now. […] I’m so excited to share this other really vulnerable part of me with my audience. My music embodies me now, but it also embodies me as a child and me during my teenage years. It’s really the storybook of my life.”

You can listen to “I’m So Hot” here.

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