Ask the Expert: Busy Professional

Executive Matchmaker and Relationship Counselor, Carol Sugar-Burke, offers expert love advice.

Dear Carol,

I have been dating a woman who is absolutely amazing in every way. We are both busy professionals, however, I have to admit I seem to make more time for her than she does for me. When we are together the chemistry is amazing and we really seem to both enjoy our time together. How do we create and find more time to spend with each other?


Busy Professional

Dear Busy Professional,

We are all busy, and making time for the things that are important to us and finding balance in our lives makes us all happier people. When you just start dating someone terrific, you have to look at the things you are doing in your life and find a way to change things so you can make time to see each other at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes a cocktail after work, even when you are busy, can make a stressful day seem not so stressful. Getting away from the office to grab lunch can be fun and a great break during a busy day.  Pick a date night together once a week and make sure you don’t cancel. Find a way to rearrange your time and schedules so it works for both of you. Often prior to having a busy dating life we pour ourselves into our careers and take on extra assignments or work that are not necessary. Start managing your time so that you have free time. Plan a weekend away together and before you know it, making time for each other will be easy!

You do better in your career when you take time for you.

Remember, a happier you is a more productive you!



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