Anti-Gay Attack in Austin

Two men were assaulted after embracing outside an Austin, Texas, gay nightclub

AUSTIN – Two men were attacked after leaving a gay club in Austin, Texas, on Sunday.

Bobby Beltran and Christopher Ortega say they were embracing after exiting the Rain nighclub when they heard a string of anti-gay slurs shouted from a car full of men stopped at a nearby intersection.

The men reportedly stopped their car and surrounded Beltran and Ortega after Beltran said to them that such insults were inappropriate and not welcome in their city, which is known for being relatively accepting of the LGBT community. The men then began systematically beating Beltrane and Ortega while continuing to spew anti-gay language.

Beltran and Ortega have filed a report with Austin police, who are investigating, but it remains unclear whether arrests have yet been made.

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