Another Day, Another Gay Scandal

New York state senator Carl Kruger was arrested March 10 on bribery charges and evidence indicates he is involved with another man

Why is it always the most virulently anti-gay politicians that become victims of irony?

Disgraced New York state senator Carl Kruger was arrested March 10 on bribery charges. You may recall that Kruger’s dubious claim to fame was his vote last year against a bill legalizing gay marriage. However, according to the NY Post, the scandal brought Kruger’s own secret to light – namely, that the senator who voted against LGBT rights is himself closeted.

First, the facts: according to federal charges, Kruger amassed $1 million in bribes, which bankrolled a lifestyle that would make Donald Trump look like a model of restraint. Among the spoils: a waterfront home, a $300,000 Bentley and $500,000 cash.
In addition, The New York Times reported, Kruger had “all but moved in” with the Turano family in Brooklyn. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Kruger and Dr. Michael Turano, a gynecologist, forged a relationship in which they completely “supported and relied on one another.” Turano, the federal complaint said, established shell companies to conceal the bribes, and later used the money to finance the Bentley, pay credit card bills and make mortgage payments on the house.

We certainly don’t know any grown men who would do that for someone who isn’t a lover, though Kruger has emphatically denied he’s gay. As for Turano, he’s being charged with the same crimes as his alleged boyfriend.

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