Anjali Rimi

Saksham Gangwar


“My vision is to ensure all forms of social oppressions centering [on] transphobia, homophobia, and xenophobia have no place on this earth,” says Anjali Rimi. A San Francisco-based advocate belonging to the South Asian diasporic Kinnar Hindu transgender community, Rimi is president and co-founder of Parivar Bay Area. It’s the country’s only South Asian trans-led and trans-centering organizationthat strives to cultivate trans community and foster economic justice, intersectional unity, and social inclusion. They also lead the California Coalition of Transgender Immigrants, serve as an advisor to the Center for Immigrant Protection, and are the first South Asian transgender person to be recognized as an LGBTQ+ champion in the California Legislative Assembly and the Senate. “The most rewarding aspect of my work has been to see transgender queer people of color who I can support or be around…smile, enjoy a meal, be warm under a roof, and be in community,” says Rimi, who was also awarded the Grassroots Leader Immigration Award by San Francisco’s Office of Community Engagement and Immigration Affairs, as well as Congressional recognitions from retired Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Scott Wiener. “It has been instrumental for me to see South Asian transgender Hijrah Kinnar folks build their livelihood and achieve economic autonomy, [and] garner social respect and belonging.” Two surprising facts about Rimi: “I went to culinary school and remain a trained chef,” she shares. “I love motorcycles and ride my Ducati Monster 821 with pride—and even at many Prides!”

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