Amazing Women Launch ‘One Million Tampons’ For Seattle’s Rising Homeless Population

Meet the duo making a difference in the lives of homeless women.

Melanie Granger (L) and Corina LuckenbachPhoto by Dawndra Budd

Entrepreneur and esteemed former GO art director Corina Luckenbach and musician Melanie Granger have launched the One Million Tampons campaign to provide tampons for homeless women in Seattle. Luckenbach is the co-owner of The Admiral Bird Café, where she hosts “giving back to the community” events. Granger is a singer-songwriter for the band Push4luv and uses her gift of song to give back to the community. The two women felt passionately about doing something together after witnessing the growing homeless population in Seattle. They combined their creativity and desire to help by launching a small event, which grew into a viral campaign.

“Corina and I were both in agreement when we thought about giving back to our community. As you drive around Seattle, you can’t help but notice the disturbing amount of men, women and even our teenage youth under bridges camped off the side of freeways,” Granger tells GO. “Mel came to me and wanted to have a show to give back to the community. I said we should make the admission be an item for the homeless,” says Luckenbach.

The goal of One Million Tampons was inspired, ironically, by Pearl Jam. “Pearl Jam was having a show to raise one million dollars for Seattle’s homeless, which I was ecstatic about. But it made me feel like what I was doing was small and that everyday people can’t make an impact on a large scale. I wanted to do something bigger. So, we decided to try to raise one million tampons,” Luckenbach explains.

After their initial fundraising event, LoveFest, and after spreading the word in their community and on Facebook, in one week, they raised over 18,000 tampons mailed from all over the country. Both Granger and Luckenbach see this as “just the beginning.” They also acknowledge that their campaign takes the shame out of menstruation and builds awareness without fear. They hope to get donations from Seattle sports teams and more. Whole Foods has donated more than 400 tampons, and Bartel Drugs provided them with gift cards. “People want to give,” says Luckenbach.

The two hope to inspire others to act to help their communities. They encourage young people to follow their passion and “always do what you say you will, and always speak your truth.”

“I just want all of us to raise each other up,” Luckenbach continues. “The sky’s the limit and at this point, we are limitless, and so is our commitment to our community,” Granger agrees.

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