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Jackie Hoffman: Heeb for the Holidays, Sandra Bernhard, La Soiree, Mother Africa, Homo Comicus

What is it like to be a heterosexual Jewish woman who embarks on a gay cruise during Rosh Hashanah? How does it feel to be an aging actress struggling to be noticed by a youthobsessed Hollywood? Who better to answer these questions than the outrageous, hysterical, and refreshingly bitter Jackie Hoffman? Jackie Hoffman: Heeb for the Holidays will be at Joe’s Pub Dec 20 through Dec 24.

She’s sexy, feisty, whip-smart, and you never quite know what will come out of her mouth. We’re talking, of course, about Sandra Bernhard, who is doing a fabulous five-night residence this holiday season also at Joe’s Pub, along with her band The Rebellious Jezebels, beginning Dec 27th. (She’ll be at the Paramount Jan 25 as well.) A singer, actress and performance artist with the soul of a comic, Bernhard blends a variety of styles together in her shows to create a uniquely multi-dimensional performance that’s always full of style and always right on the cutting edge. Don’t miss the woman Liz Smith calls “a powerhouse.”

One part burlesque, one part circus, one part cabaret, one part comedic performance, and all parts sexy, La Soiree is simply a theatrical experience like no other. This show has traveled the world over and received fantastic reviews, even garnering the prestigious Olivier Award for its unique, genre-crossing brand of entertainment. So if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten track, head to the Union Square Theatre now through Mar 30.

Mother Africa is the latest entertainment experience to emerge from Circus Der Sinne, a highenergy African circus performance troupe. This family-friendly show features traditional African dance, Tanzanian stilt walkers, Afro-beat musicians, Ethiopian jugglers, masked performers, a Kenyan contortionist and so much more! The show runs through Jan 5 at the New Victory Theater.

Let’s face it: January kind of sucks. There are the messy snowstorms, freezing temps and the general post-holiday emotional funk. Thankfully, Homo Comicus keeps us laughing with a comedy show featuring the talents of Judy Gold, Poppy Champlin, Michelle Buteau and more. It happens January 8 at Gotham Comedy Club. (And don’t forget to check gothamcomedyclub .com for info on the February 5 edition as well!)

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