8 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for 8 Types of Lesbians

Okay, so NO cat breed is 100% allergen-free…

Let’s not beat around the bush: The sad reality is you, or your GF, or a GF down the road is allergic to cats. Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies (WTF); and despite what most people think, they don’t stem from cat fur, length or otherwise. The culprit is actually tiny proteins found in cat saliva, urine, and dander. Male cats produce more allergens than females, especially if they’re not neutered (are we really surprised by that, though?).

We already covered ways to reduce cat allergies at home, including keeping your cat out of certain rooms, using HEPA filters, and upgrading the litter box. But did you know that some cats are less likely to cause allergies, just based on their breed?

Okay, so no cat breed is 100% allergen-free. However, some breeds produce less of the sneezing-coughing-runny-eyes AKA misery protein called Fel d 1; and other breeds have types of fur coats that minimize shedding and dander.

How do you choose between these paw-some breeds, though? Lez break it down!

For the Activist: Balinese

Looking for a cat as vocal as you are on all the important issues? Look no further than the Balinese, often known as the “long-haired Siamese.” She loves to speak and interact with humans, and gets along well with other animals too. Not only is the Balinese sociable and outspoken, she’s also playful and inquisitive. (Plus gorge!) The Balinese is also noted for her lack of shedding amongst long-haired cats.

For the Sporty Lesbian: Siberian

Did you ever think there would be a cat who liked to play in water? The adventurous Siberian is one such breed. She is fearless, friendly, and calm. She is a survivor, believing to be ancestral to all modern long-haired cats. The Siberian is medium to large in size, yet super agile and active. This cat-lete has a very dense, water-repellent triple coat (probably why she enjoys frolicking in it!).

For the Butch Babe: Cornish Rex

Let’s be real, you want a cat who needs minimal upkeep. The Cornish Rex has a soft “undercoat” of down hair that barely sheds compared to other cats. In addition to her easy grooming (and striking looks), she is affectionate, energetic, and people-oriented. The Cornish Rex even likes to play fetch! Just be aware—she may insist on sharing dinner from the same plate as you from time to time.

For the Power Lesbian: Sphynx

Anything named for a mysterious and powerful mythological creature is worthy of your precious attention. The Sphynx is hairless, though not maintenance-free: A regular bathing routine is recommended to remove the build-up of body oils on her skin (which are normally absorbed by fur). Despite this necessary grooming, the Sphynx is the ultimate feline sidekick. She is intelligent, inquisitive, and extremely friendly!

For the Femme: Devon Rex

Feminine and playful, the pixies of the cat world, the Devon Rex is known for being forever a kitten at heart. Her hair grows in as short, soft, silky curls, clinging to her light frame. Even though she has a triple-layer coat, she doesn’t shed much. With the Devon Rex, you will find a companion for life who likes to follow you around and even greet you at the door. She is also great with children and other pets.

For the Boi: Russian Blue

Slender yet muscular, elegant yet fierce, the Russian Blue is an enigmatic being. She appears bigger than she actually is due to her double coat, which is silky, shimmering, and plush to the touch. Legend has it that the Russian Blue was once the target of hunters, who likened her luxuriant fur to the fur of seals. She is intelligent, playful, and somewhat reserved—not to mention extremely loyal to her chosen person.

For the Chapstick Lesbian: Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair comes in over 300 colors and patterns—more than any other breed! One consistent trait is her coat, which is very short, fine, and without much shedding. She is actually a Siamese hybrid, and is similarly chatty, curious, and smart. She likes to be the center of attention, and will heartily return your love. Fun fact: The Oriental Shorthair didn’t actually originate in the Orient, but in England.

For the Instagram Babe: Bengal

The most dramatic-looking cat breed on the list will surely make for the most Instagram-worthy photos! The Bengal is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat, sporting uniquely fine fur. She comes with a hefty price tag, but her highly energetic and sociable nature makes her worth every penny. The Bengal is another breed who loves to play in water (talk about photo ops!).

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