100 Women We Love: Celest Flores (Pookz) and Diamond Murphy (Dz)

We are thrilled to present the 2013 list of 100 Women We Love – Including…

In the summer of 2008, two bored Texas natives flipped open a camera and started chatting about various issues affecting the “millennium generation” of queer people. When they posted their videos on YouTube, that spontaneous idea became an instant hit, and Pookz and Dz’s “We All We Got” movement was born. With the mission of using positivity and unity to bridge gaps within the gay and straight communities, Pookz and Dz offer subscribers insight on a range of topics—including a few that some hosts might shy away from. “We can all get further by working together. We only hold ourselves back when we judge or look down on members of our own LGBTQ community,” Dz says. “Allow people to be themselves by accepting them as they are. We all we got!” Their fans can’t get enough, and the pair soon will be starring in lead roles as masculine-of-center lesbians navigating family, careers and love in a new television show on Q-Roc.tv. Besides creating visibility for a group often underrepresented in media, the comedy will encourage viewers to live openly. As Pookz advises, “Don’t allow labels to detract from your individuality. We live in a world where the scariest thing to be is yourself. Live guided by love, not fear.” –QW

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