10 Stunning Lesbian Wedding Dresses For The Extra AF Femme

Because you may be marrying the woman of your dreams, but this day is really about the dress.

It’s wedding season! (Isn’t it always?) Which means that we, rational human women, are compelled to plan our own weddings, regardless of our relationship status. Each lesbian wedding we attend—or stalk on Instagram—gives us the opportunity to tear apart another woman’s best day of her life and figure out all the ways that we could have done it better. As we all know, the defining element of the wedding is not the venue, the colors, or even the vows—it’s the wedding dress.

The dress encompasses the style, emotion, and the statement that the bride(s) want to make. Those wedding photos are going to go down in her own personal herstory, and it’s every bride’s compulsion to make sure that this one single garment will represent her as an entire entity. The problem is, just like there are hundreds of thousands of brides, there are hundreds of thousands of white dresses that somehow look wildly different.

Here are 10 delightfully over-the-top dresses to use as a jumping-off point. Because even though you’re marrying the woman of your dreams, this day is really about the dress. Duh.

1. The Extra AF Princess


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When I picture a princess dress, this is exactly what comes to mind. It has everything: a sweetheart neckline, a huge skirt, intricate details. There’s no way you can put on this dress and not feel like absolute royalty. Like the type of person who actually uses napkins instead of paper towels—maybe even cloth napkins. I’m talking high class here. This is your day to be a queen. For the femme who dreams of a fairytale fantasy, this is your dress.

2. The Floral Femme


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These looks together are giving me life. The flowery additions to this dress are the perfect size to create facets without producing a funky shape. Not only is the silhouette maintained, but the neckline also creates a slimming top that flows perfectly into the straight fit of the skirt. This style of dress, coupled with added fabric, could be a recipe for disaster by making you look like a loofah—but this one looks lavish.

3. Power Bottom Pantsuit


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For the daring femme who loves to push the limits, this lacy pantsuit will make quite the statement. The classic femininity of the bodice is super chic, not to mention S-E-X-Y. The lace even continues to the sides of the pant leg, which gives a little sneak peek at those legs you’ve been toning just for this day. If you want to pull a Mariah Carey and switch outfits between ceremony and reception, the pants will be ideal for the endless dancing and drinking that will ensue. This look will let everyone know that while you may be a bottom, but you are a power bottom.

4. Lovely Lace

This feature is a 2-for-1. The looks compliment each other, while the overall style represents each of their personal styles. Just because there are two looks in the mix, that doesn’t mean there will automatically be a competition of which one is better. Because honestly, weddings outfits look better as a couple, just like these girls do.

5. Make Your Gay Wedding Even Gayer With A Rainbow Dress


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It’s not a gay wedding without some rainbows, so why not put it on your dress? This hand-painted dress is simultaneously both modern and classic. The wide skirt creates a huge canvas to express your queerness outright. Make a statement just as bold as your love for your wife-to-be. Plus, if you stain your dress with champagne, you can play it off… like it’s part of its ~uniqueness~.

6. Details, Details, Details

This intricacy of this dress is mind-blowing. The lace, the flowers, the sheer, the CAPE, the fitted shape. It takes several minutes to comprehend how beautiful this dress is. Since all eyes are going to be on you, as you walk the aisle, you might as well give your guests something spectacular to stare at—and then talk about for a few weeks.

7. Blushing Babe


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Nothing is more femme than being obsessed with the color pink. This dress will make you a walking cotton candy princess. The flowy, layered skirt makes you want to spin around in circles just to watch it float about you, and the dainty straps are flirty and flattering. Plus, it’s PINK!!!

8. Subtle Sequin


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So far, this list has had a stunning lack of spangle, so here’s a whole entire dress that will drape you in sequins. From afar, it looks like a simple dress, but as you look closer, it is covered in thousands of gorgeous white sequins to satisfy your every sparkly need. Imagine twinkling your way down the aisle and shining on the dance floor while you slow dance with your new wife. Your face will be beaming, so get a dress that will match the glimmer in your eye and the glamour in your heart.

9. For The Traditional Queer


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Hello, gorgeous! For the femme who’s looking for a slightly more ~traditional~ look without sacrificing high fashion, this dress is perfect. It’s subdued enough for the ceremony yet sexy enough to get your lady all tingly when she first sees you. And every time she sees you after that. The long sleeve would be a vision for non-summer weddings (weddings in the summer are too hot and cliché anyway). Also, can we just talk about the patterns? And the effing jewel belt? It’s literally everything.

10. Boho Chic


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This boho beauty is something out of one of Florence Welch’s wet dreams. Imagine yourself frolicking through a field with your new life partner in this crocheted masterpiece, taking the most heart-stoppingly beautiful wedding pictures that any of your Instagram followers have ever seen. A dress like this one deserves to be worn by someone wild at heart who’s being taken off by someone even wilder.

Just a little preview of all the wedding dress choices out there—but no matter which one you pick, you and your wife will be the best-looking bridal babes.

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