10 Lesbians And Their Gorgeous Cats

This is the best thing you will see all day. We promise.

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While most straight women avoid the “cat lady” stereotype like the plague—us lesbians embrace it full-heartedly. Our love of pussies expands beyond vulvas to you know, actual cats. Though no one really knows the history behind this stereotype, it’s true that so many of us are really, really obsessed with our cats.

I mean, here are the facts. Actress Zoie Palmer from “Lost Girl” has a cat who tweets. Out lesbian Jane Lynch once narrated a National Geographic documentary about a woman with 700 cats. Portia de Rossi once appeared on “The Tonight Show,” and said the only thing that annoys her about wife Ellen DeGeneres is when “just as I put [dinner] down in front of her, she gets up and feeds the cats—every single night.” The couple has three cats, and DeGeneres celebrates “Cat Week” every year on her show. “If it were up to me I would have ‘Cat Month,’” she’s said.

Cats are known to be sneaky and superstitious (the black cat). Cats are sexy (“sex kitten”). They’re free and independent (“cool cat”). They’re domestic, much like to traditional lesbian U-Haul act. They’re also a huntress. No wonder cats resonate so deeply with us!

“The independence of cats is one of the main parallels between cats and lesbians—women who simply in being lesbians declare themselves untamed in at least some small way,” Shoney Sien wrote in the introduction of her anthology “Dykes (and Their Cats).”

While I’m more of a dog girl myself (don’t kill me), I want to honor the love so many lesbians have for their feline friends.

1. Nights like these, cuddling with your fluff ball.


nights like these.

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This lesbian met her cat where she wanted to be cuddled, on the floor. Cats don’t come to us, we go to them. Tbh, they have total control over the relationship. We are completely at their command.

2. Up close and personal.


so in love with this goof.

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This kitty didn’t want her mama taking all the limelight, geez. She wanted to get right up in the camera and let us all know who the cutest one is.

3. Cat cafe. Need I say more?

This queer couple took their cat prowess to the next level by going to a cat cafe. I mean, could they be gayer if they tried? And so adorable, too.

4. Kitten therapy.

Who needs regular therapy when you could have kitten therapy?

5. Ellen has writing partners!

Sunday writing partners

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And they’re her pets! Notice how her cat gives absolutely no fucks about the photo being taken or anyone around them. True lesbian cat.

6. This cat DGAF.

She so damn fine 😍 #mine #2yrsofmarriage

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This cat is all of our nap goals.

7. Bonding moments.


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It doesn’t happen often. But when your cat wants to bond—treasure that moment.

8. It’s a cat in a hat!

Cat in the hat 🎩

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Lesbian YouTuber Sarah Amann put her cat in a hat. Tbh her cat doesn’t look very pleased about it.

9. The fashion cat.

Omg Fenton I just love you so much. 😭

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This cat helps their mama out with design work. It’s obviously their vision completely, their mom just does the sewing.

10. This cat is queer AF.

This adventure cat is so gay that they had to visit the Castro with their mom. They even said hello to the Sea Lions.

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