YouTube Bans A 14-Year-Old Star For Uploading An Anti-Gay Video

In response to her account removal, Soph posted a photo of herself with what appears to be an assault rifle.

YouTube has terminated the account of a 14-year-old user after she uploaded an anti-gay video to the platform. The YouTuber is known as Soph, and she gained over a million followers for her racist and anti-Muslim videos.

On July 31, Soph uploaded a 12-minute long anti-gay rant called “Pride and Prejudice,” BuzzFeed reports. The video begins with her claiming that Pride Month was “30 days of AIDS-carrying pedophile victims patting themselves on the back for their lifestyle.”

She goes on to share other viciously anti-gay sentiments, such as that gay people are “hedonists, utterly unable to achieve the love that a married heterosexual couple can,” and that “whatever meaning gays manage to squeeze out of their relationships will never hold a candle to procreation.”

Perhaps most terrifyingly, Soph also encourages her viewers to “make sure to blame me in your manifestos.” The line is a clear reference to the manifestos that two recent mass shooters left on 8chan before their murdering sprees.

Soph’s channel was removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines three times in 90 days. Her third and final strike was a violation of the site’s guidelines on hate speech.

YouTube has come under intense criticism recently for failing to address the proliferation of hate speech on its platform. The company announced new policies in June.

Earlier this year, Soph threatened to murder the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, in a video. Her account was previously suspended and demonetized, but it was not terminated.

In response to the removal of her account, Soph took to Twitter, where she posted a photo of herself with what appears to be an assault rifle. The caption: “youtube headquarters here I come.”

She later removed the tweet and wrote that it was “obviously a joke.”

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