Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Mercury Retrograde

The retrograde season takes our momentum from us for some reason, any reason.

Weekly Horoscope 4/17/17-4/23/17

The Sun goes into Taurus this week, leaving it’s harsh conjunction with Uranus while Mercury whizzes around, approaching it. We ask for peace to wake ourselves up, without complacency or harmony’s other trappings. The retrograde season takes our momentum from us for some reason, any reason. Though the Sun is slowing our day time tone, retrogrades are not necessarily slow. They run completely backwards and hit our without awareness. Activity comes out more at night, during that witching hour where we’re never sure what is what and who is really around us.

Venus conjunct Chiron both asks us to heal and questions our methods at the same time.

Because Venus is moving direct now but still in the retrograde period, we’re using the things we’ve learned about our relationships, society, and the other in a direct way. Venus leaving Chiron suggests that this touches upon an adolescence wound, still buried and in perpetual activation. It’s square with Saturn means that we’re not being allowed to do everything that we want to in relationships, not unless it improves upon the situation.

The Moon is in its last phase this week, though we won’t see a New Moon this week yet. We are drawing into ourselves and zipping the layer we’ve been sticking around ourselves closed for the first time, seeing how everything aligns and the results of our craft. Self critique is crucial whenever we finish a project – it is the key to figuring out where it is we want to go next.

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You’re going to ask yourself to examine something subconscious in a superconscious way, especially something dealing with how you’ve been framing the social. Decide to do what gives you the ability to validate your own identity. You want to learn from others this week, Aries, but no one can give you permission except you.


You’ve got your birthday to look forward to this Taurus season, a time in which you will set your intentions for the next year. This is a time in which it is necessary for you to create some degree of truth in all your encounters. Think of power as empowerment. You may question the ways that you fit in or don’t. Envision humanity with all its mutations and yourself in the middle of it all.


All these retrogrades are affecting your relationships, Gemini, especially the way you show love and find intimacy. Take this as personally as you need to. It helps more to locate your intensely personal tendencies than to create a doctrine of social order right now. Don’t forget, at the end of the day, you have a little stubbornness reserved for just yourself inside of you.


You’re trying to balance work and life, making sure neither is mutually exclusive and justified by the other, right now. This is tough stuff, Cancer. What you want to consider this week is how much space you’re leaving for other people with your schedule. The people around you are, ultimately, where you find your inspiration. Are you clinging too much to one person? Closing yourself off completely?


Surrounding yourself with those who share your ambitions and aspirations has never been hard for you, Leo. You tend to gravitate towards those who do. However, you’ve never been sure whether to think of these friends as competitors or partners. This week’s lesson comes from seeing the ways you might have let yourself drown when sharing resources would have led you right into your dreams, solid as fire.


There are several hard things you’ve had to accept from relationships, epiphanies of intimate encounter. Eventually you will be asked to perceive these deep, internal things as having personal bias. This week won’t bring you to that point yet but asks you to prepare by creating sunken and solid frameworks of security. Sink your anchors in deep.


If you don’t care about your health, think about your routine. Ultimately, these things are one and the same. You have a tendency of considering both of these things through the eyes of society. They are much more private than the word will reflect. Ask yourself if you are improving others or yourself at all and, if not, what assumptions are keeping you from doing so.


This is a private week for you, Scorpio. Even if you find yourself in the middle of everything, you’ll have much you keep to yourself. Your imagination is loose this week, wet and wild. Your best bet is to let yourself dream and make something, whether alone or with someone, that you only sometimes understand.


What have you learned about yourself and how you deal with money? This will both free and limit the ways you manifest dreams and learn from your past. You don’t have to inherit your family’s attitude about money. In fact, maturation for you is often about creating your own relationship to your own value. How do you find self love at your job?


You’ve been unfocused because this is a time of keeping your options open rather than closing them off. Because this is contrary to your own energy, it’s something you have to learn to be comfortable doing. You’re ending a mentality of dependency this week. Ultimately, the lesson will be that you must depend on yourself. Earning this will guarantee you your own creativity.


Everything is so mental and abstract for you right now, Aquarius, that real life can look like linear processing. Learning to express your ideas so that other people actually get them may seem besides the point of genius for you but necessary if you want your ideas to have to do with anything outside of your own ego. Once you do this, you’ll love the potentials of influence collaboration gives you.


Before you can really be a leader in your own community, you’ll want to consider the social values you use to construct your own identity. Does this deal with some childhood pain? And is it possible to liberate through the fusion of identity making that a relationship often calls for? You might do something in your neighborhood this week. It’s good practice for the future.

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