Senator Amy Klobuchar Has Suspended Her 2020 Presidential Campaign

There are currently five candidates remaining after Klobuchar’s drop.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar suspended her presidential campaign on Monday, March 2nd due to her inability to rise in the polls. While she has yet to give an official statement, it’s expected that the Senator will endorse former Vice President Joe Biden at a gathering in Dallas tonight — just hours before Super Tuesday voting is set to open in her home state.


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An aide for the senator confirmed the news to The Daily Beast, saying Klobuchar would be “flying to Dallas to join Vice President Biden at his rally tonight where she will suspend her campaign and endorse the Vice President.” Her staff personally received the news via phone call earlier in the day.

The senator saw a surge in popularity after a solid debate performance and decent poll numbers in New Hampshire (she came in third place). However, as voting shifted to larger and more diverse states, Klobuchar struggled to find her footing. In South Carolina’s primary on Saturday, February 29th, she finished with just three percent of the vote.

As Klobuchar’s campaign geared up for Super Tuesday, it started to become more likely that the senator faced a potentially low showing in her home state, which would be an embarrassing blow to the candidate. Specifically, it appeared that Sanders, who won Minnesota’s 2016 caucuses by more than 20 points, was extremely close to her in the polls.

Senator Klobuchar relied heavily on her Midwestern values and her “relatable to the average American” image. She had been endorsed by a number of publications as well, including The New York Times, the Quad-City Times (Iowa), and a handful of New Hampshire publications.

By dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, Klobuchar leaves Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Representative Tulsi Gabbard to fight for the title of possible Commander-In-Chief.

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