Lesbian Sex And The City: A Night Out In The Lez Village

Getting lit at Cubby, Hot Rabbit, Hens and Stonewall.

One of the best things about, well, life, is doing the Lesbian West/East Village circuit. Even better? Doing the Lesbian Village Circuit with your best GO gals. That’s right, dear reader. This Friday my GO Editors and I hit the town.

Photo by Shea Carmen Swan, Sheaography LLC.

I could go on and on about how ~lit~ Friday night was, but since this is my column, Lesbian Sex and The City, Carrie Lezshaw is going to break this down for you babes, hook-up style.

Here is a comprehensive list of the different of where we went, and the different types of queer, bi and lez girls you can meet (and make out with), in our beautiful Sapphic city. (With of course narration, from yours truly).

1. Cubbyhole: The Place To Meet Your Best Friend, Or Get Down With A Stranger

Zara Barrie, Corinne Kai and I started our night off in typical lesbian fashion: at Cubbyhole. My GO gals were looking chic AF; Zara in a beautiful cut-out maxi dress with her signature hair flower and Corinne in a sexy leather body cage. One of our favorite bartender’s in the world, Lil Deb, had us wonderfully lit in no time. Lil Deb also happens to be the actual *sweetest person* in the world and is the true representation of community. (More on how much we love Lil Deb later).

Anyway, what you want to hear about is the hookup market, right? I’d say Cubby during Happy Hour is the perfect chill-with-your-friends-and-make-new-friends spot. Everyone is super nice and down to mingle. Seriously, just plop yourself on a barstool and you’ll be chatting with a sweet lez in no time. The vibe isn’t that of a club — there’s still music, but you can still dish with your gal pals. (I proceeded to agonize over breaking my no-more-sex-on-the-first-date-rule and now I feel better! See? There’s nothing more cathartic than doing some lez dish with your queer friends at Cubby.) It really is the lesbian version of Cheers.

Then once 10 PM rolls around… the vibe gets a little *naughtier.* I absolutely love Cubbyhole because there are always hot babes making out. It’s where dreams come true, basically. The fact that its a lesbian bar makes it (forgive me, I hate this expression) a “safe space” for women to unabashedly hit on each other.

When baby dykes say it’s hard to meet women, I’m like, just go to Cubby.

2. Stonewall Inn: Meet a Lesbian Spirit Guide or Baby Dyke 

Aside from this place being absolutely legendary and of utmost importance in our culture, it’s also lit as f*ck. The fabulous co-owner Stacy Lentz accompanied us on the frigid short walk from Cubby to Stonewall (we were warmed by Lil Deb’s drinks and good conversation).

Once we got to Stonewall, the lower level was abuzz with queers from every walk of life, drinking and talking with each other. This might sound a little corny, but you can feel the history of the power of where you’re standing. Everyone else feels it, too, because everyone is so genuinely friendly and down to mingle. Zara’s amazing fiancee Meghan met us and our queer girl power crew got even better.

The upper level was full of turned up lesbians for the amazing girlNATION party. Downstairs is where you can meet a cool mature lesbian who will take you under her lesbian wing (you will inevitably feel attracted to her) and upstairs is where you will meet a baby dyke, drunk and excited to be in NYC (you will inevitably make out with her on the dance floor).

3. Taqueria MEZA: Meet a Lesbian Waitress and Do Shots 

This isn’t a queer bar but we had to stop for quesadillas so we didn’t die and our waitress totally gave dyke vibes and tequila shots so this place deserves a spot on the list. It’s also where I got to witness how beautiful the energy between Zara and Meghan is, and soak up all their lesbian wisdom as I sucked down margaritas.

4. Henrietta Hudson: Meet a Swag Lesbian 

CB Glasser hosted one hell of a party. She makes sure everyone is comfortable and turned up, and works the room with effortless lesbian swag. And she definitely attracts a hot crowd: Hens was teeming with sexy single lesbians, it was almost overwhelming. Hens’ social media manager Hutch Hutchinson was there too, making us feel at home with his genuine good vibes and drink tickets.

Photo by Shea Carmen Swan, Sheaography LLC.

Then Burlesque dancer Scarlett Snow really turned up the heat. Hens brings in all kinds of queer babes, but I’d say this is the ideal place to meet an mid-to-upper 20s coveted, seasoned, swag lesbian. You know the type: dresses like she belongs in Williamsburg but is seasoned enough to go out in Manhattan. Been around the block. Isn’t snobbish. Will buy you a whiskey. Is hot AF. The women at Hens aren’t shy, and you won’t have a hard time finding a babe to dance with.

5. Hot Rabbit @ DROM: Drunkenly Scream-Sing Britney Spears With Your Editor, or Meet Your One Night Stand 

Can I just start by saying best. DJ. ever? DJ Kandylion slayed with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears as Zara and I scream sang and downed Champagne. A large and diverse crowd, Hot Rabbit is a great party to end (or begin, really) your night when you’re buzzed enough to let loose and dance, and have the liquid confidence to find a hot girl to go home with. There is a reason Hot Rabbit is one of the hottest LGBT dance parties around: Emily Hall Maresca is a fab host that truly ensures everyone is grooving and having a good time. Then Meghan (an ever-responsible chapstick) decided it was time for us to go, ’cause Zara and I (not-so-responsible femmes) were falling deep into a Champagne haze. And that’s a wrap on the perfect lez night out.

Photo by Shea Carmen Swan, Sheaography LLC.

Yes we are clearly drunk in that photo. Let us live.

Though each of these parties attracts a specific type of lesbian, every single one of these parties achieves a genuine mix of personalities, identities, colors, styles, and more. That’s what I love about New York queer nightlife the most! All different types of people coming ~together~ to have a good time.

They don’t call this the greatest city in the world for nothing.

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