100 Women We Love: Class Of 2018

Each one of these women, in her own unique way, is a role model who exemplifies the best of the LGBTQ community.

Dr. Laura Miranda

Photo by Marko Jokic

Dr. Laura Miranda was “practically born playing sports.” But a devastating knee injury in school led her to her current profession as a physical therapist, personal trainer, and founder of the exclusive training programs Strong Healthy Woman and Pursuit. “My therapists were all badass women who were strong and extremely intelligent,” Miranda says. “They not only helped me understand human performance and strength and conditioning, but they taught me that one’s words, leading by example, and believing in yourself can change the course of one’s entire life. I strive to live that myself and have spent my entire career on a quest to pay it forward to as many people as possible.” Miranda knew instantly that she wanted to make physical therapy and fitness her career — one that has blossomed into major entrepreneurial success. What started as her fitness business in New York City, the Pursuit program recently expanded into a licensed business model for fitness professionals to run their own version worldwide. Powerhouse influencer companies and organizations with global reach — including Whole Foods, the New York Stock Exchange, and Twitter — also call on Miranda for her motivational speaking prowess. Clearly, Miranda has come a very long way from the “self-hate” she lived with prior to coming out at 25. The “masks” she had hidden behind were “stifling,” she says. But with a lot of work toward “radical self-acceptance,” — that is, “the ability to just be exactly who you are in the world, no filters, no masks, and no hiding,” Miranda has found that being out and proud has positively impacted all facets of her life, particularly her career. “[It] helps me show up for my clients in a truly authentic way,” Miranda says. “Living your truth has a way of allowing others around you to do the same.” —SEJ

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