What You Need In A Relationship, According To Your Venus Sign

Hey baby, what’s your Venus sign?

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Hey baby, what’s your Venus sign? Your Venus sign is what you’re ready to receive from the world, from romantic partners, or from yourself. It’s a sense of your self-worth and what you feel you deserve. Venus will show up in your paycheck, in how you present yourself, and what you tend to look for in other people. Venus is a mirror reflecting back at you.

Learning about your Venus sign can help you overcome self-esteem issues, especially when asking for what you deserve in a relationship or at a job. Feed your Venus, because it feeds you. It’s literally what attracts other people to you and makes you love yourself. To find your Venus sign, you’ll need to fill out your birth chart. Then, scroll to learn about your Venus sign!

Venus in Aries:

When you want something, you want it now. Waiting is a game that you don’t have time for, dear Aries. You may constantly find yourself wanting people who seem unavailable because you constantly want to do the work of earning another person’s affections. You don’t feel that you deserve something until you earn it.

My advice to Venus in Aries is to lay back once in a while and watch who comes to you. You just may be surprised. You will do well once you learn the art of subtlety. Let your crush know that you want them, which you already do so well, but then learn to wait and see what their actual response is before you begin charging ahead.

Venus in Taurus:

Venus in Taurus gives you a high dose of good old self-esteem! You want other people to deserve you and have no patience for those who simply don’t make the cut. People need to know that when they have your attention, they’re playing with high-end goods. You want a partner with good taste. 

You may have had situations where a partner simply doesn’t feel that they deserve you. What will help is learning the gift of sharing yourself. Keeping things to yourself will never give you the security you need in a relationship. Opening up builds trust, and in turn, makes your partner feel like they deserve you. When you give more of yourself away, you create a relationship worthy of you.

Venus in Gemini:

This is a fun, light, and flirty Venus placement. You’re funny when you’re in love, and you get crushes that come and fade like the minute hand on the clock. What attracts people to you is your sense of humor. You always know what to say to get a smile on another person’s face. Love is a game, and you’re happy to play.

What will help you in matters of love is to raise your standards and to experiment. You want people who open you up to new things, not people who make you stay in your ways. Make that a standard and stick to it. Look for people with completely different perspectives, those who are up for a lively debate, because that will keep you interested. Never date someone who is afraid of being wrong.

Venus in Cancer:

This is a sticky Venus. People like to stick to you, to huddle around you, and to belong with you. You’re a person who encourages intimacy, private conversations, and late night secrets. This means that you know everyone’s dirt. It’s hard to crack you open because you’re primarily interested in people who you already know or people adjacent to your circle. 

It’s interesting for you to try a new thing or two every once in a while. Look for people who get you out of your comfort zone, people whose secrets you don’t know. Finding love with a stranger instead of someone who you’ve already known for years will make you explore the strangeness of love. It will help you set boundaries in a new relationship rather than fall into familiar, unchanging patterns with the same old thing.

Venus in Leo:

You know how to have fun, which attracts almost everyone indiscriminately. You have charisma, dear Leo. No one else can imitate such a presence. In love, you’re expressive. You make your emotions known and demand loyalty from those you deem worthy of loving you. There’s a warmth and generosity about you that might even overwhelm your lover(s).

It can be so easy for you to inspire passionate, devoted, and short-lived love affairs that you forget. You do have a taste for drama but, as you perhaps already know, that can get old pretty fast. Look for the love of friendship and you’ll find someone who respects you and is worthy of being your partner and best friend. 

Venus in Virgo:

Venus is in Virgo during the fall season. Venus in Virgo works hard to figure out what love is, by doing things for another person, by helping them, or by giving suggestions. Sometimes, Venus in Virgo doesn’t really see the point of romance. You don’t like messy relationships and will often prefer sleeping by yourself in clean sheets to having sex for hours and hours.

Some drama is good for you because it’ll inspire you out of your monotony. You’re also able to handle it because you know exactly how to work through and handle emotional affairs. What you need to do is to learn to let things go. Romance is tedious when you overanalyze every unsent text message or emotion. Let someone else in and lose your sense of control.

Venus in Libra:

Here, Venus is also at home. It’s a powerful Venus that almost always knows the right thing to say in any given social context. You understand what other people want from you better than you understand what you want from them. People may use you for a mirror without you realizing it. Sensing this, you may want to give them the best image possible of themselves and reflect only what you see as goodness.

Being a little mean will help you here. Learning to fight will improve all your relationships. The fear of conflict has to do with a fear of ending relationships. You have the social skills to mediate a compromise any day, but fights keep a relationship healthy and honest. It makes you acknowledge that you care enough about one another to care what you do, say, or think. It exposes vulnerabilities. If you’re not fighting in a relationship, Venus in Libra, that’s a red flag.

Venus in Scorpio:

Venus in Scorpio feels the need for the other person to prove themselves. It’s hard to earn the trust of Venus in Scorpio. You’re constantly gauging the other person’s words and actions. Everything is a test in some way. What you don’t want to lose is your power and purpose. You’re always measuring to see who has the upper hand in the relationship.

What you need most of all, in any relationship, is to treasure your alone space. Create a space where no one is allowed to enter. You need to remind yourself that you deserve all that you want in life and love. Raise your self-esteem by setting standards, and you’ll find that people tend to betray you less often.

Venus in Sagittarius:

In love, you go big. You want someone with their own unique style, who others find too strange to fit into their daily lives. You want someone with a different cultural background, who doesn’t mind that you never learned their own customs. In love, you fall hard and there’s a part of you that might hate your loved one as much as you love them.

Communication is key for you in all your relationships because you’re challenging so many norms and expectations that you just have to talk through it. You’re creating and living through a whirlwind of emotion. Navigate it and map it. Process it through words, not only actions. Your partner wants to know what on your mind as much as they appreciate the big gestures of romance. Live on a daily scale.

Venus in Capricorn:

This is an intimidating Venus. Only qualified candidates may apply. Love is an investment for you and, like any bond purchase, you carefully research, vet, and interview your holdings. You won’t react suddenly if there’s one red flag but you will carefully record it and watch for more. Then, at some point in time, maybe after years of dating, you’ll assess carefully to see if it’s worth it to move forward.

A little tenderness will go a long way. Secretly, you love a little bitchiness from your lovers. You want there to be something that you can boss into shape. Find someone who enjoys that and, when the time comes, let yourself be as vulnerable as they are. Exposure is strength and, without it, no relationship will ever measure up.

Venus in Aquarius:

In a party, you’re the person who’s having the most interesting conversation in the room with a group of strangers. You’re attracted to people’s interests and have no patience for emotional demands. You don’t find fulfillment in one partner but in a group.

Whoever you date must be cool with your friends. Your loyalty is to them and not to this new person. They must be able to hang out with you in your usual social context, and they must have cool friends that you are interested in. When you’re dating someone, you’re not just dating them but their whole community. Be conscious of this and choose your communities wisely.

Venus in Pisces:

This is the sign of Venus’s exaltation. Here, Venus feels okay doing whatever it wants. You’re ready to have a conversation or get to know anyone. It’s easy for someone to talk to you. You may read differently to every single person, so they all see something relatable in you. Your profound openness has you understanding the motives of every person you come across, but you never judge them. You simply understand who they are and where they’re coming from.

It’s easy for you to become too exhausted in the company of others because you’re sensitive to how you’re perceived and what others put on you. Make sure that you take as much time alone as you do around other people. Also, be careful of who you spend your time around since you pick up mannerisms and mindsets from everyone. Learn to be picky about the people you give your time to.

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