Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: First Quarter Moon

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: First Quarter Moon

Hello Pisces season! If you’re feeling lost right about now, you’re doing it right. Aquarius is like a visionary sailing into the ocean and Aries is raw survival. Between these two, we find shipwreck. Pisces season is here to point out all the ways that what you thought you wanted wasn’t what you wanted all along. During this time, it’s important to question yourself, just so you can trick yourself into something more raw.

The Moon builds in mass and we feel our bodies begin to do so as well. During the First Quarter Moon, we need as much energy as possible– so eat a lot! This moon phase has you out exploring, and fueling your curiosity.

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)


Doubt yourself and while you’re at it, doubt everything else too. Doubt is what you need right now because too much certainty means that you’re not actively dreaming of a better way to remember and honor yesterday. Make a list of things that you’ve achieved in the last year and look at what shape it reminds you of.


This is your time to love your community but your community isn’t just other humans, Taurus – it’s all lifeforms. Water your plants.


Disillusionment lights up your dreams for what you can become, Gemini. Your have a sharp sense of humor to turn anything into pure glamor. Your representation of yourself should be just that – glamor. It’s a touch of magic to turn anything that feels too real into the fiction that it really is. Write that next chapter of your life as pure fantasy.


This week, you’re just absorbing all the possibilities around you. Confuse yourself so that your mindset is ready to learn and learn more. You’re not learning until you have no idea what is even going on anymore.


Those who see you as self centered don’t understand until its this time of the year and it turns out that your true selflessness comes out in areas of give and take. Let your sense of generosity get the best of you and just give without asking for anything in return. This will recharge you spiritually.


You don’t allow yourself to be poetic. Your responsibility is to stay critical and cynical and have responsibilities. This week will challenge this part of you, when a relationship asks you to just wonder in peace or agitation. This is good for you, Virgo, because it ultimately keeps you open. 


This week will ask you to stop being so perfectionistic and to consider that everything happens for a reason. Let a sense of chaos overwhelm your days. Everything that comes into it creates the stuff that life is made of. Get lost in your process of living instead of a product called satisfaction. This will make your life dreamier.


Love, romance, joy, and play are in store for you. This is the most creative time of the year for you and you’ll spend it best loving yourself, whether that’s through a relationship or not. This is your time to recreate yourself with all your flaws honored for what they truly are – folds of your own imperfect skin. 


Keep your home a place where you’re allowed to dream. You may consider shifting things in some way if they don’t align for you psychically.  Make your home a place where you’re allowed to be as freaky as you are.


This week, read a work of fiction. It’ll add an entire era to your life and you keep feeling like you’re running out of time, Capricorn. Let yourself get lost in a new read or an old read, whether it’s something published this year or Harry Potter for the 50th time. You just need to find escape in fiction in order to live through your imagination.


It’s time to feel how soft your value system really is. Anything can become truly valuable because anything can become truly meaningful. It’s good to be confused about what you’ve been holding dear to your heart, what you’ve refused to let change because you deemed it important.


Play dress up with all the clothes in your closet and reminisce about all the people that you’ve been wearing these clothes. It’s time to get rid of some of them and look for new ones. Do a clothing swap with your closest friends and let yourselves take a stab at wearing each others’ skins. Recycle your appearance.

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