Victory Fund Endorses Record Number Of Candidates

100 LGBT political candidates have been backed this year

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund has endorsed 100 openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political candidates so far in 2008, making this the group’s largest endorsement slate ever, according to a September 30 statement.

Chuck Wolfe, the Victory Fund’s president and CEO, thinks that this number points to a change in attitude within the community.  “We don’t have to accept sitting on the sidelines and hoping others will do the heavy lifting. We can roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves,” Wolfe said.

As the nation’s largest political action committee, The Victory Fund identifies, trains and helps elect out LGBT political leaders to all levels of office across the country. They mainly provide strategic support and financial resources. In the 2006-2007 election cycle, 68 percent of the candidates the Victory Fund endorsed went on to win their races.

Laura Esquivel, the senior vice president for political affairs, thinks the surge in openly LGBT leaders is going to help shape this political season. She said, “We’re extremely proud of the out candidates who are stepping out to run for office all across America, and of the role that the Victory Fund plays in preparing and supporting these candidates.”

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