OCTOBER 3—NOVEMBER 6. The hottest clubs, coolest bars, and everything in between. For all dates, times and locations, see the Nightlife Listings.


I Heart Brooklyn Girls and GO Magazine have teamed up for the exciting launch of the Brooklyn Girls 2009 Women at Work calendar. Famous for depicting real-bodied voluptuous queer femmes who call Brooklyn home, this year’s calendar effectively realizes its reference to 1940s and ‘50s Bettie Page style pin-up girls. It focuses on campy professions; all the ladies are dressed in carefully selected vintage attire and are shot in an ironic work environment. There is the “Baking Beauty,” the “Stitching Sweetie” and “Chemist Queenie” about to measure her beakers, but my favorite is obviously the “Literary Lady.” It’s about time that writers were hailed as sex icons!

Enough about the calendar. This party is gonna to be slammin’! DJs Tikka Masala, Noa D and Amber Valentine will keep you on your feet, while special guests Boyskout, Bridget Everett and the Lesbian Overtones will wind the party vibe up even tighter. Miss September 2008, homolicious hostess Liz Dahmen, will also be there handing out calendars. Try to wait until you get home to tear yours open! More than just a great time, this party also jocks a very good cause. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Lesbian Herstory Archives, which is the largest public archive of materials by and about lesbians!


The extraordinarily party savvy, Gaysha, presents a special Halloween version of Choice Cu*ts.  She has always taken theme parties to the extreme with bifocal, leg-warmer-clad bisexuals or Olympic obsessed nutters for Nastia, but Whoreween will blow the lid off all those past concepts. The sexiest whore takes all! Best dressed has the opportunity to win Blue Man Group tickets, plus the admiration of all the other sparsely clad ladies and brawny bois. Don’t even bother trying to stop staring at the notorious lollypop-sucking go-go dancetress MAZ during the hour of open bar, while award-winning bartender Natascia drowns you in free vodka. Rather than descend into drunken mayhem after these libations, express your burst of energy on the dance floor. DJs Lesbian Van Halen and Sophia H will provide enough lesbo-pop hits to keep your body banging (against some else’s, preferably).

At last month’s Choice Cu*ts party, Diana Cage, lesbian sexpert and author of Girl Meets Girl: A Dating Survival Guide, had this to say about the monthly events, “Choice Cu*ts is my favorite Party ever! I brought my girlfriend here on a date to celebrate her birthday.” If the lesbian dating expert takes her date there, it’s safe to say that you should too.


The folks behind Snapshot Tuesdays converge with GO Magazine on October 14 to throw an exclusive DVD launch party for Jamie Babbit’s 2007 film, Itty Bitty Titty Committee. If you loved, But I’m a Cheerleader, but somehow missed IBTC, come get a hot peek here! With a riot grrl soundstream, hot make-out moments, and seasoned lesbian actress credibility, this film is a must-own. Speaking of lesbian acting cred, put on your paparazzi pants because there will be celesbians in the house. Jenny Shimizu, who has maintained her lesbian film roots as far back as Foxfire, will be on hand to meet and greet and chat up IBTC. Garden state native, Deak Evgenikos, (big up Jersey!) will also grace the party with her smokin’ presence.

As if that weren’t enough, there will be special IBTC t-shirts, bumper stickers, posters, and DVDs given out as prizes to the most deserving fans. Plus, a film screening and beats courtesy of DJ Tikka Masala and Huckwild. Film, dance and a hot social scene all in one room, this is nightlife at its best.


There is something so magically comfortable about Metropolitan on a Wednesday night. Maybe its all the $2 PBR’s, the shy flirtation that inevitably goes on in the back garden, or the determined dance floor explosion that invariably erupts under the tutelage of DJs Inge Pop, Dirty Jean, Noa  D. and  Lesbian Van Halen.

Whatever the cause, the satisfying and chilled out feeling found there requires weekly attendance. Before you know it, this will become a ritual; the PBRs pile up and potentially awkward run-ins with girls you dissed, or have dissed you, are averted. Everyone knows they’ll run into each other again next week, so hook-ups are discreet and civility is maintained. If you would rather play pick up with the pool table, that is also an option. Otherwise pull up a bar stool or grab a spot on one of the couches and settle in for a long night of hanging out with new and old friends alike. As always, Jen Urban can be found behind the bar serving up drinks with a subtle smile.


Bed-Stuy was begging for a queerly awesome party, so DJ Tikka Masala answered the call. The best thing about that Brooklyn hood is its diversity, which certainly manifests itself in the rich mix of people who flock to this party. After the huge initial success of the first That’s My Jam, the second party plans to host even more ecstatic dancers and neighborhood queer stars. This party is trans-friendly, bi-positive, gay-boy-welcoming and a place where people of color represent! Friendly people, from the artist and activist communities, gather at Sputnik to sip more $2 PBRs and dance to pop, hip-hop, genre-breaking, mash ups and get their freak on to good, old fashioned tunes.

The organizer reflected upon last month’s party with a sense of pride and satisfaction, “Everyone was just so happy to be in such a welcoming space that was all about dancing to awesome music with good people. The same people whom we just happen to sit next to on the subway, bump into at the bodega, and pass by while walking our dogs in Fort Greene Park, without being sized up or given that questionable glance that reads ‘are you like me?’”said DJ Tikka.

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