Matt Walsh Totally Loses His Sh*t Over A Teddy Bear

Cover bear, put the bass in your paws!

Two iconic pop culture institutions have unexpectedly joined forces: Rupaul’s Drag Race and Build-A-Bear. The two companies have come together to create a one-of-a-kind collector’s item: a RuPaul bear. “The Bear Cave,” a section of Build-A-Bear’s site with teddy bears intended for those 18 and over has recently released the the tribute to the world’s most famous drag queen.

The bear is serving Mama Ru realness with a blonde wig, gold dress, and gold pumps. The bear’s paw is embroidered with the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ logo.

“Start your engines—RuPaul Bear is ready to sashay into your collection,” reads the item’s description. But the bear is not without controversy.


Cue the far right hysteria in 3…2…1…

“Remember: there’s absolutely no agenda to groom your kids. Don’t be ridiculous. On an unrelated note, @buildabear is selling a drag queen stuffed bear for children,” tweeted well-known conservative Matt Walsh.

The drag queen bear is listed on “The Bear Cave,” not on Build-A-Bear’s homepage, though “The Bear Cave” is easily accessible through the homepage.

“I’m told that the bear is sold in a section of the site that’s “intended for 18+ shoppers.” Except that they have the drag bear right on the front page, front and center, alongside the Easter merchandise,” Walsh then tweeted.

Walsh’s tweet is making the rounds on Twitter, gaining over 500,000 views in days.

Many agreed with Walsh and worked themselves into a tizzy over the stuffed bear in a dress. “Another company to avoid buying from. This is disgusting. Shame on your groomers,” agreed one angry Twitter user. You better tell those stuffed animals!!!

Others were quick to point out that “it’s a teddy bear matt,” one tweet said.

“Oh no, not a bear in a wig,” wrote another Twitter user.

RuPaul unboxed the Build-a-Bear on Instagram last week.

“Oh my gosh! Gorgeous!” RuPaul said. “This is so great! I feel like a proud parent!”


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