Jojo Siwa Sets The Record Straight On Pregnancy Rumors

Jojo Siwa shut down the rumor that she may or may not have started herself.

A viral rumor has been making its rounds through the internet all month: Jojo Siwa could be pregnant. Photos of Siwa holding her belly a la a pregnant lady spread around social media earlier this month, thus spawning the rumor that the 19-year-old queer pop star is with child.

But before shutting the rumor down, Siwa poked fun at the speculation, and posted photos of herself holding her pushed out stomach.

Some people accused her of being “insensitive” towards people who have experienced difficulties with getting pregnant. Others were like, lit, that’s a food baby. Others commented pointing out this is a common prank Siwa pulls on her followers.

Here’s a more detailed timeline of this titillating news.

In early March, the photos of Siwa holding her stomach circulated online. The photos appeared as though they were screenshots from Siwa’s personal Snapchat story, but Insider was unable to verify if the photos were actually posted by Siwa.

@areyouarealnickifan #jojosiwa #jojosiwapregnant #fake #fakesituation ♬ LMAO THE VIDS – ✨ ILikePotatosOnCheese ✨

In one photo, the caption read “Can’t believe it,” as Siwa craddled her abdomen, and in another photo, Siwa is pictured holding a baby onesie while the caption reads “Baby clothes shopping is my new favorite.”

Understandably, people took this is a pregnancy announcement. Some fans were excited while other suggested Siwa was too young while others still couldn’t wrap their heads around how queer women can get pregnant.

On March 7, Siwa posted a TikTok, denying the pregnancy rumors that she may or may not have started herself. In the clip, the photos of Siwa are shown before cutting to a video of her laughing and shaking her head. She sure got us good.

@itsjojosiwa #stitch with @lexus.brooklynn ♬ original sound – JoJo Siwa

Towards the end of March, the photos made their rounds on the internet again.

Another image that appeared to look like a Snapchat emerged, showing Siwa holding her stomach while an on-screen caption on the post reads “TEAM BOY OR TEAM GIRL.” Insider was also unable to verify it the photo was actually posted by Siwa.

Siwa put an official stop to the rumors on March 27 when she posted a Snapchat story stating that she is not planning on having a child until she is older, and that as a gay woman, she is perhaps more likely to adopt when she does eventually decide to become a parent.

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