Gingrich Signs NOM Pledge

Move could attract values voters

Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has signed the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)’s anti-gay Marriage Pledge, promising to advocate a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage if elected.

The anti-gay pledge also requires signers to call for a repeal of marriage equality in Washington, D.C., to appoint judges who oppose marriage equality, and to engage a commission to investigate harassment claims allegedly committed against NOM supporters.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul remains the only Republican candidate who has not signed the pledge.

NOM is currently targeting Iowa, the first state where Republican voters will vote for a Republican challenger to President Obama (the caucus takes place Jan. 3). The group’s advertising campaign informs voters which candidates will stand with “them” to “preserve marriage.”

Despite its concern for preserving matrimonial bonds, NOM has expressed no qualms that Gingrich, an adulterer, is now on his third marriage.

Although Gingrich, a Catholic convert, is not known as a religious fundamentalist, his acquiescence toward NOM is likely to appease values voters and Evangelicals.


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