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Smash, Safe Haven, 1933, Bawdiest Year

Get ready for plenty of backstage drama on the star-studded second season of Smash. This year promises to be more exciting than ever with the addition of several new cast members like Jennifer Hudson, Nikki Blonsky and Sean Hayes. (Broadway legends Liza Minelli and Harvey Fierstein are also on tap for cameos.) Find out if good girl Karen becomes the star of her dreams or if bad girl Ivy pulls the rug out from under her (yet again!) when Smash airs Tuesdays at 10pm on NBC.

Head to Film Forum this winter to see an exciting tribute to one of cinema’s most fascinating eras. 1933: Hollywood’s Naughtiest, Bawdiest Year is a month-long film program featuring 66 movies made with such notable dyke icons as Katherine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck and Greta Garbo. An interesting film for queer movie fans is Christopher Strong, starring Hepburn as an aviatrix fooling around with a married man. It was made by Dorothy Arzner, the only lesbian director of her day. Appropriately so, Film Forum is showing it on Susan B. Anthony’s birthday, Feb 15, along with Baby Face, starring Barbara Stanwyck as a prostitute working her way up the career ladder. Check out these and other offerings in the feisty, fun film festival, running until Mar 7.

Julianne Hough stars with Josh Duhamel in Safe Haven, a romantic thriller based on popular author Nicholas Sparks’ bestseller. Hough plays Katie, a girl with a mysterious past who has just arrived in a small town. Katie is scared to let people in, but soon finds herself falling for Alex Wheatley, a charming local resident. What Alex doesn’t know is that Katie is hiding a terrible secret. Will she be able to start a new life in North Carolina, or will her tragic past threaten what might be a beautiful future? Find out Valentine’s Day, when Safe Haven opens.

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