Women at the Helm 2015

Meet 16 dynamos who are true models of success

Attorney at Law & Sole Proprietor, Jill E. Sodafsky, Esq.

Sometimes you just have to shake things up. Jill E. Sodafsky had been an insurance defense litigation attorney for a decade when she came to the conclusion that she no longer felt challenged. So Sodafsky, who graduated from Tufts University and New York Law School, created her own practice, concentrating on residential real estate. “My advice to anyone starting out, whether you have 20 years’ experience or just one, is to never be afraid to meet someone new or ask a question,” she says. “No successful individual gets to where she is all on her own. It takes help, encouragement, and a few key people along the way who remember what it was like to be just starting out, who want to lend a helping hand.” Sodafsky benefited greatly from having a mentor who “taught me everything I know, from how to draft a contract to how to take care of my clients to how to communicate with people effectively. It is because of her that I learned how to live a life with less anxiety and more patience.” But her greatest motivator is her wife. “She never ceases to amaze me. She is my biggest supporter, and she is the reason I strive to succeed every day.”

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