Queer Women History Forgot: Rita Hester

For Women’s History Month, GO is celebrating LGBTQ women we wish we could have learned about in high school history class.  Rita Hester was a beloved Bostonian, a 34-year-old Black trans woman who Reverand Irene Monroe said “everybody knew … especially in the trans community and in the African-American LGBTQ communities.” A musician, dancer and drag …

We Cannot Replace HB2 With “New HB2”

LGBTQ equality organizations and allies yesterday took to the Raleigh News & Observer to call out N.C. Republicans for their proposal that would worsen the implications of the most discriminatory provisions of the state’s anti-LGBTQ House Bill 2.

Trump Admin Reportedly to Rescind Trans Students Guidance TODAY

The Trump administration plans to today redact guidance from the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education regarding schools’ crucial protections for transgender students, following a fight between Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos on the issue and a DOJ decision to eliminate the Obama administration’s challenge to a nationwide injunction against the guidelines.