The Very Best of NYC Upcoming Events

Wonderland and at the Pier

Wonderland: A New Alice opens at the Marquis Theatre Apr 17 (with previews beginning Mar 21). Inspired by the Lewis Carroll classics Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, this show retains the original concept in telling the story of a contemporary New Yorker named Alice who goes down the rabbit hole (i.e., the elevator of her apartment building) to have a dreamlike adventure in a wild and crazy realm called Wonderland.

Mark your calendars for NYC’s Night at the Pier 2011 Apr 25. Family Equality Council’s annual gala in New York City brings together LGBT parents and allies to celebrate another year of progress towards equality. Family Equality Council is also proud to announce the recipient of the 2011 Hostetter-Habib Family Award: foster care advocate Mary Keane.

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