Rock Her World This V-Day with The Union

Think outside the sex-ville box this holiday!

Alice DeRock, founder/creator of the sex toy empire Wet For Her—a company that designs and manufactures products expressly with lesbians in mind—is bringing a kinkier, more chic and unique approach to Valentine’s Day.
The sassy and sexy out business entrepreneur is out to help you make this V-Day one of the most memorable ever by inviting you to think inside the sex-ville box and invest in your sex life.
And no, she doesn't mean a hand lotion, mushy cards, flowers or yet another scented candle. Rules were made to be broken, right? So break out of your comfort zone and ditch the good girl behavior to make your partner wish V-Day happened every weekend.
Wet For Her has got you covered this year with the perfect extra something-something—that unconventionally risqué gift for your special someone: The Union. Spice up your gift-giving with this brand new WFH sex toy.
The Union is a harness-free sex toy, bendable on both sides with a clitoris stimulator. It includes a three-speed rechargeable bullet. The bendable function enables one to adjust the toy’s angle to reach the pleasure point effortlessly. 
The wearer will be able also to bend the bulb part, so it fits comfortably inside her body; she can have the toy curving up or down to reach the desired position naturally.
Worth noting: Wet For Her offers high-end products made by lesbians for lesbians that are not only uniquely creative (with a useful, elegant and chic French style as well as a feminine edge), but also are 100 percent silicone and phthalate free. WFH is also unique in that it’s a company committed to working only with other lesbian manufacturers, so your gift giving is actually giving back to the community. 
For more information and/or to purchase The Union visit:

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