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Chloé Caldwell Book Release Party

June 7 @ 8:00 pm

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Celebrating the release of Chloé Caldwell’s novella Women.

With special guests:

Party Nails

Um, Jennifer? is a punk-tinged indie rock duo based in NYC. Fig and Eli met at a party in Brooklyn one fateful night. Now, they make music together for nobody except the vengeful god, Jennifer. Jennifer thinks their music sucks.

Jill Louise Busby (also known as Jillisblack) is a writer and speaker. Her work charms audiences just past their limits of comfort, inviting them to seek a new and more genuine freedom in the discomfort of truth. Jill is a respected speaker and beloved social commentator, heralded for her humor, intellect, and transparency. In 2018, Jill created the web series, “Moms as Managers,” which ran for 4 seasons. Her debut book, Unfollow Me: Essays on Complicity, an intimate, impertinent, and incisive collection about race, progress, and hypocrisy, was released in September of 2021 from Bloomsbury Publishing. She is currently the Artistic Director at Northwest Film Forum and is at work on an album.

Emily Zhou’s first book Girlfriends was published by LittlePuss Press in 2023. She was born in Michigan and lives in New York.