GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2020

Micky B

Photo by Kerry Kehoe.

As National Organizer for the Transgender Law Center, Micky B coordinates a Black, Indigenous, and Migrant Trans-led coalition to build the Trans Agenda For Liberation, a community-led guide for creating a future where we all both thrive and survive. B actively uses Black Trans Circles, a project founded by Raquel Willis, to train Black Trans Femmes in the South and Midwest in healing justice practices and community defense. “Black Trans Femmes and Black Trans Women should be trusted to lead solutions to the violence against us,” says B. “Once we are free from criminalization, everyone is free to experience joy & justice.” B also co-founded Southern Fried Queer Pride, an Atlanta-based nonprofit empowering Black, queer, and QTPOC-centered communities in the South through the arts, in 2014. No matter what project B’s leading, their mission is always to support the healing of Black, Migrant, and Indigenous transgender people, including past generations and those to come. Currently, B’s film about Frances Thompson, a Black trans activist who fought in the 1860s Memphis race riots, is in pre-production. —IL

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