Wildfang Wants You to Join Their Misfit Crew

We’re obsessed with the OUTSIDER MISFIT collection, full of empowering tees to throw on before your next LGBTQ solidarity rally.

The smokin’-hot, socially conscious fashion brand Wildfang continually brings vital political conversations to the forefront with their designs—and they’re definitely not letting you down with their latest collection, OUTSIDER MISFIT. This particular line came as a collaboration between Wildfang and the expert makers at Draught Dry Goods, a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Portland, Ore.

With our current administration steamrolling a litany of anti-progressive actions against women and marginalized communities, we must collectively work to undo the systems at play. Some might say, “Well, how can you do that with fashion?”  But fashion is inherently political. The ways in which we present to the world have a large impact on the messages we carry, and the LGBTQ community has long stood on the front lines of political fashion statements.

We at GO are obsessed with the OUTSIDER MISFIT collection: It’s a combination of empowering tees to throw on before your next LGBTQ solidarity rally and everyday clothes to show how you stand out from the crowd. The Misfit Crew includes 11 truly inspirational members of our community. From Lenea, a self-care writer and healer, to Momo, who does pixel fashion design and copywriting, Wildfang has brought light to “the weirdos,” the nonconformists and the oddballs.

Art Direction: Taralyn Thuot | Styling: Tashina Hill + Serafina LoGiaccoPhoto Savannah Mark + Charise Ash

“This collection is so relevant right now,” says Wildfang Creative Director Taralyn Thuot. “It’s graphic. It’s provocative. And most importantly, it celebrates diversity. Layer on the dope silhouettes, interesting techniques, and luxe materials and I’d say it’s our best collection yet.”

What does it mean to be a part of the Misfit Crew? “Recognize your fear and turn it into power…power to be valued and appreciated not only by yourself but by those around you. Be loud in your self love. Be loud in your difference,” Kerestin wrote for Wildfang. 

You too can be a Misfit by shopping the line right here!

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