“Where Do I Take My Gorgeous Lesbian Date In NYC This Weekend?” We’re Glad You Asked.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot or just looking to get lit, we’ve got you covered!

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The weekend is quickly approaching. Whether you have a long-time bae or you’re furiously swiping your life away on tinder (in that case I spiritually identify with you) you’ll need to find a cute spot. If you’re a ~NYC girl~ there is a myriad of sexy, chic options for date night. It can be overwhelming. How does a lez choose!

The first step is narrowing down what kind of date you’re going on—are you in love? Are you trying to uhaul? Do crowded clubs make you anxious (Pro Tip: a small dark restaurant is your goal destination). Do you need two drinks right away to act normal on a date? (Me too!)

Do you prefer a relaxed, friendly environment? Do you prioritize conversation over dancing? Then you, my friend, belong at a dive bar. Are you looking to get drunk, shake your ass, and make out? Head on over to a club.

I’ve been around the block a few times and I love restaurants, bars, and clubs equally, so I bestow upon you, fellow lez, my top picks for this weekend’s date spots.

If you’re looking for a ~romantic~ date try….

“Great art picks up where nature ends”- #MarcChagall

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I’ve been coming to Gemma for years and I’m never, ever disappointed. I also just had a fab date there last Friday so it’s my chart-topper. The pasta is amazing (try the Penne Arrabiata!), the staff is super sweet and attentive, and the atmosphere is downright sexy. Sit in a booth surrounded by massive, dripping candles (very Instagram worthy) or sit outside—there are heat lamps! You’ll be super close to a lot of bars and clubs if you’d like to continue your date after dinner (hint hint).

2. Milk and Roses, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Milk and ROSES

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Milk and Roses’ service can be a little slow, but it’s so worth it. Because I’m telling you, lezzies, this shit is romantic AF. It’s dark and sexy without being pretentious. The walls are lined with books and the couches are red leather. I’m already wet just thinking about it. It’s in a not-too-congested area and is quiet and quaint. Also, THE FOOD! The food is absolutely delicious. Get the charred octopus. It’s walking distance from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Dessert!

3. Fonda, East Village & Chelsea, Manhattan

The food at Fonda is amazing (enchiladas suizas 4 life). The staff is friendly. The margaritas are strong. Need I say more?

4. Nitehawk Cinema, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Still thinking on beast of a cocktail from our Suspiria #FilmFeast 📸: @campari_keith

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This place is a little played out, but it’s cliché for a reason! What’s more quintessential than dinner and a movie? This unique little spot serves you liquor and treats in your seat throughout the movie. They have a large selection of drinks, the food is great, and the theater is small so you’ll be close to bae. I was here on a first date once and I peed my pants a little because I was too anxious to get up after she put her arm around me. Don’t be like me and down three wines before the first hour of the movie and you’ll be fine.

5. Chavela’s, Crown Heights

Even though I avoid entire neighborhoods after a breakup and no longer eat in Crown Heights, (lesbian problems, am I right?) this restaurant is fantastic. The food is excellent and affordable. Yay tacos!

If you’re looking for a chill night with a new bae try…

1. Night of Joy, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Amazing happy hour, fabulous rooftop, and quirky, interesting décor. Atmosphere is super important to me (I’m a princess/Instagram hoe) and I love to be in a sexy cool –but comfortable—surrounding and that’s exactly what Night of Joy delivers. Hang out on an antique couch situated on a Persian rug, or grab a seat at the bar. They serve my favorite sparkling rosé which is really hard to find (did I mention I’m a princess?). Plus, they have delicious crepes!

2. Union Hall, Park Slope, Brooklyn

I love Union Hall!!! It’s the best of both worlds—relaxing and fun. Stay upstairs if you want to chill on a couch surrounded by books, play bocce ball, or hang at the bar. The music is loud enough that it’s not awkward but low enough that you can still talk. After you down a few drinks and you’re feeling lit, head downstairs for a fab dance party and loud beats.

3. The Library, Alphabet City, NYC

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This might seem off-brand for me but I LOVE DIVE BARS. Happy hour at The Library is buy one, get two. No, you aren’t dreaming. There’s lots of cool paintings of dead authors on the walls—the Edgar Allan Poe one is my favorite. This bar has a lot of character. Super low-key for a first date if you want to try drinks before making the commitment to dinner.

4. Ginger’s Bar, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Speaking of dive bars, Ginger’s Bar is the ultimate queer gal dive bar. Awesome happy hour, comfortable environment, friendly faces, and a juke box are all reasons to get your queer little butts to Ginger’s this weekend.

If you’re looking to get lit and hookup try…

1. The Tender Trap, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

The Tender Trap is one of my all-time favorite bars. It’s a no-frills dance party. The crowd is always super mixed and everyone is nice. Lots of 90s rap and r&b. Strong drinks. Fun AF. If your date likes to dance, bring her here.

2. Output, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My favorite kind of music could be described as “Eurotrash” and that is why I love Output. Something about Output just… turns me on. Maybe it’s the “no cameras” rule that makes me feel especially naughty. Maybe it’s the black, mysterious exterior. Maybe it’s the vibrations of the bass. If your date likes electronic music, you can’t go wrong with taking her here.

3. The Pyramid Club, East Village, NYC

The Pyramid Club is a Village staple for a REASON. It is, like, the most fun bar I’ve ever been to. Drinks are affordable, the 80s music is BUMPIN and everyone there is letting loose and having fun. Perfect date spot for someone you aren’t afraid to be a little silly around.

4. The Stonewall Inn, West Village, NYC

You have to go here because it is the mecca! Our revolution happened here. You can feel the history. Hang with lots of queer babes and dance! Seriously, the sense of community is a beautiful thing. If you’re ~nervous~ for your date, come here! You’ll feel at home.

5. Cubbyhole, West Village, NYC

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I fucking love Cubbyhole. It makes me feel like anything is possible because there are always hot babes making out there. Maybe because the drinks are strong, maybe because we feel particularly safe in a specifically lesbian bar, but whatever the reason, it’s awesome. Cubbyhole is famous for a reason—it’s fun, classic, and a great place to meet queer gals.

6. Henrietta Hudson, West Village, NYC

Another dyke bar that you absolutely must visit. Definitely a party spot. Don’t expect to have a conversation here– just dance, drink, dance, repeat! This place is especially fun for friend-group dates.

7. The Box, LES, NYC

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Oh, The Box, how I adore you. It can be a little exclusive and hard to get in, but if you dress the part or get in with a promoter/ someone that has a table, you may have some luck. Lucky for me, I studied the sociology of nightlife (yes that’s a real thing) so I have a ~in.~ But however you get in, my god is it worth it. Whether a deranged burlesque dancer is dressed as Anna Wintour shitting and wiping her ass with Vogue (it’s fake, relax) or possessed nuns are simulating lesbian sex on stage, you will never not be shocked by the performances here. Your date will be shook—and v impressed you got her in!

So there you have it, babes, plenty of options to take a lady out this weekend. Do you have a favorite date spot? Let us know in the comments!

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