So You Met The Love Of Your Life at Dinah– But You Live In Different States

Close your eyes and bring yourself back to that beaming Palm Springs sunshine and blissful hotel sex that you shared and know that you’ll be in each other’s arms soon enough.

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Some may say that real romantic love is dead in our generation of swiping right. But I would beg to differ. I ~would argue~ that we are creating new ways of loving and different paths to romance. And the proof is right there in front of us — just take a look at our most recent round up of lesbian and queer couples we love. The majority of them met online (sliding into the DMs) and some of them even struggled through long distance relationships before they were able to truly be together.

So, my romantic-at-heart-yet-single babes that attended The Dinah last weekend and found a potential love connection that lives far, far away– fear not. Here’s how to make it through if you met the love of your life at The Dinah Shore and you live in completely different parts of the country:

1. Be affirmed by couples who have prevailed at LDR’s. 

It seems that relationships starting off as long distance is a common theme for us gays. Just look at all the YouTube lez couples that met through Tumblr and had to find ways to make it work until they could find their way to one another. Start by browsing YouTube for more stories like these to empower you in knowing this is something that can work if you want it to!

2. Get even better at technology than you already are. 

You can FaceTime, GChat, text, Insta story and even screen share! Get well versed in all the ways you can use technology to communicate with your new bae. Sending each other photos of your everyday moments can be tender and feel like you’re a part of each other’s lives.

3. Perfect the art of sexting. 

The most difficult aspect of LDR’s is the lack of physical connection, especially when you’re in a new relationship. Until you are able to reunite after your lust-filled weekend at The Dinah — you’ll need to perfect your sexting skills to keep this budding connection growing. Follow this simple guide to embody your most sensual self via sext.

4. Purchase long distance vibrators. 

All this sexting is going to get you hot and bothered. Instead of using your own personal vibrators during phone or video sex, might I suggest purchasing a vibrator that allows you to communicate with each other? The Kiiroo Fuse Couple Set comes with two vibrators that act like walkie talkies! They communicate to one another and tune in to each user’s pleasure. It works so that either one of you can be controlling the vibration that’s happening. Another option is the OhMiBod Esca which is a powerful vibrator that your partner gets to control, no matter how far away.

5. Communicate about expectations. 

Every relationship carries expectations on both sides — whether platonic, romantic or familial, humans are built to need and want things from one another. Problems usually arise when we are unaware of each others’ expectations. If you’re assuming that she’s going to text you “good morning” every day and she doesn’t, you might start to feel resentment without even being aware of it. These tiny chasms that might not impact non-LDR’s usually carry more weight when you aren’t physically together.

Make sure you have regular check-ins with each other to talk about how you’re feeling in the relationship, what your boundaries are, what you need from one another to continue growing together, etc. These check-ins are valuable for all relationships, but especially LDRs. You need that added affirmation that you can get through this tough time.

6. Make plans in advance so you can have cute count downs. 

Having something to look forward to will help get you from your hot time spent at The Dinah to your next IRL visit. Book your tickets in advance to save money and have a calendar countdown that you share together! You can add cute GIFs, photos and messages to the calendar when either one of you are having a rough day. Close your eyes and bring yourself back to that beaming Palm Springs sunshine and blissful hotel sex that you shared and know that you’ll be in each other’s arms soon enough.

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