Video of the Day: Indya Moore and Elliott Sailors in J. Views’ “Don’t Pull Away”

Out director Tamar Glezerman wanted the music video to focus on an interracial LGBTQ couple.

Grammy-nominated artist J. Views employed out director Tamar Glezerman to shoot the video for his new track “Don’t Pull Away,” and she immediately wanted to put the focus on an LGBTQ couple. The final products stars transgender model/actress Indya Moore and out model Elliott Sailors, and is emotional, romantic and passionate.

“We had set out to make a bittersweet video about the commonest of denominators — heartbreak — with this particular one happening to be gay and interracial,” Glezerman told NPR. “No special reason required. Or at least, no more than would’ve been required had they been a straight white couple. However, that is not what America feels like right now, and I feel even more motivated to proudly celebrate women, women of color and LGBTQ people, through visibility, artistic collaborations and continuing to try and reflect the world as it is — full of all kinds of different people with all kinds of stories. Stories that just got a lot more urgent to listen to.”

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