Top 5 Worst Sex Toy Scenarios

Alice Derock, owner of the sex toy empire Wet For Her, shares this list of top five worst sex toy scenarios.

Who among us hasn’t experienced the trepidation of being caught in an awkward situation with your sex toy?

We all have a funny, highly entertaining and/or ridiculously embarrassing (sex) toy story!

Alice Derock, owner of the sex toy empire Wet For Her exclusively compiled a list of top five worst sex toy scenarios:

1) It’s stuck, and you need to go to the hospital.

One of the worst things that could happen to a sex toy owner is when it goes in, but never comes out. Ouch! You’re in luck if it’s a small toy, as you’ll be able to camouflage it under a dress or perhaps baggy sweatpants. If you went for the magnum size, then let’s just say that your bed sheets or a blanket will come in handy. Sitting in a cab or attempting to drive yourself, however, is a different story. All we can tell you is GOOD LUCK!

2) Your new toy gets delivered to your parents’ house.

In a rush, you mistakenly selected your mom’s address in the “shipping information” box. What to do now? What’s the right way of asking her if she received the package? If she didn’t say a word about it, then maybe she kept it.

3) On a business trip, flying with your sex toy, how do you safely pack?!

So you’re traveling for business—and, of course, you feel the need to bring your little sex toy companion. There’s just one hiccup when going through the security checkpoint: the TSA agent. How will you get him or her to OK your vibrator or dildo? Own up to it, that’s how. Just smile, and hold your head high. But whatever you do, always—ALWAYS—remove the batteries from all your sex paraphernalia. You don’t want anything to inadvertently activate during the screening process.

4) Your dog fetches your dildo instead of his bone.

You know that awkward moment when your adorable dog mistook your dildo for his new bone and chose that one inappropriate moment (in front of your friends or parents) to bring it to you. Talk about paw’fect timing!

5) Your vibrator suddenly buzzes in your bag in the middle of a business meeting.

Uh oh. You forgot to remove the batteries, and suddenly your vibrator activates while you’re in the middle of a business meeting with your phone visibly resting on the table. Everyone checks their cell phones, but the vibration is unmistakably emanating from your purse. What to do? Reread #3.

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