The UK Spreads Thanks And Joy With #ClapForOurCarers

Millions of people in the UK stood outside their doors and windows to pay tribute to medical workers with #ClapForOurCarers.

Millions of people in the United Kingdom stood by their front doors, in their windows, and on their balconies on Thursday to clap for the workers of their medical body, the National Health Service (NHS).

Noise was made beyond just clapping. Participants also banged pots and pangs or beeped horns — anything to cause a commotion for a good cause. The display was meant to be a tribute to the healthcare workers who are currently risking their own lives to battle the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

The idea for the event, called #ClapForOurCarers, came from Annemarie Plas, a London resident who was inspired by similar tributes in Spain, Frain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Speaking to Huffington Post UK, Plas noted she wanted the act to bring hope to their workers.

“I hope that it will give that boost to the frontline people, people that we’ve often taken for granted,” she told the publication. “They can see how much we appreciate them. Without them we are no one.”

The clapping event took place all around the UK, from Manchester, to London, to Edinburgh, to Westminster, and more. The children of the royal family even took part, with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis clapping in their garden.

While the Queen herself wasn’t seen participating, it’s reported that there was a menagerie of banging noises coming from her estate in celebration as well. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also posted videos of their participation in the event.

Thank you, UK healthcare workers, for everything you do! We heart you!

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