A Lesbian Couple Was Married On-Stage At Broadway’s ‘The Prom’

“It’s just so much joy.”

Armelle Kay Harper, the script coordinator for Broadway’s “The Prom,” married her girlfriend actress Jody Kay Smith after a performance of the show on Saturday. The couple met two years ago via dating app. After only 20 minutes of conversation, they decided to meet in person.

“We’re both really witty people, and it’s hard to find someone who can keep up,” Harper said in an interview with the New York Times. “But she really got me, and she made me laugh. Plus those blue eyes. What can you do? Gorgeous.”

Harper and Smith fell in love very quickly, according to their friends. The pair was a match that was made to be.

“They’re almost like an old married couple already, and they’re not old,” Haley Tynes, the maid of honor at the wedding, told LGBTQ Nation.

However, it took the couple two years to finally exchange vows. The women took to the stage after last Saturday’s performance of “The Prom,” and were married by Bob Martin, one of the show’s writers, who had gotten ordained online to be able to marry the pair.

The audience cheered as the two women celebrated their marriage with their “first kiss,” though they plan to have a bigger and more official ceremony sometime next month.

Harper noted that “The Prom” is a rare, lesbian-affirming love story, so it was naturally a perfect place for her to get married.

“There are so many shows where lesbians are secondary characters or the butt of the joke,” she told LGBTQ Nation. “We all love ‘Fun Home,’ but it’s a drama. So ‘The Prom’ is really unique in that it’s a celebration, and it’s funny without being at the expense of lesbians.”

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