The Latest Rumor of the “L Word” Reboot: Is Jenny Coming Back from The Dead?

What if she never even died to begin with?

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Oh, Jenny Schecter.

The raven-haired, ultra-pretentious, conniving, dog-killing, Bambi-eyed lezzie of your darkest nightmares. She lied. She cheated. She stole. She sinned! (And not in a fun way.) She made such an impact on lesbian culture that in certain circles it was deemed a nasty insult to be called a “Jenny.” (In fact, a bitchy gay boy used to call me “Jenny Schecter” and I never forgave him.)

Though L-Word fans were generally annoyed by the last season of the “L Word’s” bizarre decision to turn the show into a murder-mystery, few of us were heartbroken over Jenny’s death. We were more pissed off that producer Ilene Chaiken never revealed who the hell actually killed her (I have a lesbian-witch-vibe it was Bette; she had a temper and something to lose—a murderous combo).

When it was announced last month that our most far-fetched fantasy was actually coming to fruition and that the “L Word” reboot was real and not just some sleazy internet rumor, lesbians went wild. Some were bitter. Some were excited. Some started trolling Ilene Chaiken for a writing gig on the show. Regardless of how each of us individually felt, we all had a reaction. In fact, I haven’t seen lesbians this reactive since Angelina Jolie came out as bisexual in the 90s!

Finally, we could enjoy the “L Word” without Jenny there to ruin the relationships of all of our favorite couples!

Not so fast, ladies. Turns out Jenny might come back from the dead.

Or the last episode will be totally erased from the L-Word legacy similar to the upcoming “Roseanne” and “Will & Grace” reboots. At the “Television Critics Association” press tour, Chaiken revealed that they might simply “forget” that season six, the season of Jenny’s demise, “ever happened.”

Does that mean the bitch is officially back? Who knows? I mean, Jenny’s bitchery created some ~excellent~ content.

And don’t we all sort of enjoy indulging in our mutual distaste of Jenny? Don’t we hate Jenny with such ferocity because we see a little too much ourselves in her? (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Chaiken also revealed that they’re very close to finding a new showrunner. “One of the kids, somebody who knows what’s going on in that world, I’m passing the baton,” she says.

Chaiken also promised that the “L Word” reboot will have a more modern take on transgender issues (who could forget the cringe-worthy mishandling of Max’s transition?). “We’ve learned a lot since then. I think the new version of the show would reflect that.”

What do you guys hope to see on the L Word reboot? Do we want Jenny back? Who should the new showrunner be? Let us know your thoughts, queer babes!

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