Study: One in Four LGBT College Students Faces Harassment

New report finds campuses nationwide less safe and inclusive for LGBT students and staff

A new study reports that LGBT students, faculty and staff at college and universities across the nation face harassment and other challenges at higher rates.

The study, released by Campus Pride, an organization dedicated to creating safer college environments for LGBT people, is the first comprehensive national survey documenting LGBT harassment on campuses.

The report, titled “The 2010 State of Higher Eduction for LGBT People,” draws its findings from the experiences of over 5000 students, faculty, staff and administrators who identify as LGBT at more than 120 colleges and universities in the U.S. Trends and recommendations from the research aim to provide the means for student activists, program planners and policy-makers to implement strategic initiatives to make campuses safer and more inclusive.

The Campus Pride study found that almost a quarter of LGBT students, staff and faculty reported experiencing some form of harassment. Additionally, one third of respondents have seriously considered leaving their institution due to its challenging climate and more than half hide their sexual orientation to avoid intimidation.

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