So Gigi Gorgeous And Nats Getty Aren’t Really Parents (And We Feel Stupid AF)

Um, we’re calling “baby bait” on this one.

photo by Instagram @gigigorgeous

On the heels of the internet losing its mind in excitement for the fabulous media couple, Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty have revealed that the baby they posted all over their Instagrams…isn’t theirs.

This is like the time I pretended to get engaged on Instagram to make my ex-girlfriend jealous. I feel burned. I was SO excited for them. I LOVE them.

“Gigi‘s use of the word surrogate was not meant the way it was received,” Laura Ackermann (Gigi’s rep) told “Her use of the term while holding her friend’s new baby was meant playfully, as she was stepping into the parenting role and caring for the child…”

Gigi posted this video of an explanation of why she used the word “surrogate.”

Gigi writes below her video ” I felt the only way to address this matter respectfully was in a YouTube video explaining in depth what happened so NOTHING could be misconstrued or taken out of context.”

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