Pooches & Pussies of the Year

Ahh, lesbians and their pets… Each month, we present our pick for Precious Pet to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and to make some magnificent mommies very proud. Time and time again, we hear that this column is one of our readers’ favorite parts of GO. Ladies, the pooches and pussies that make us go “Awww!”


AGE: 3.5


ETHNICITY: Chihuahua

BIRTHPLACE: Orange County, CA

RESIDENCE: San Francisco, CA

OCCUPATION: Butt-sniffer, nose and face cleaner, cuddler and free therapist to mommy.

FAVORITE TOY: Turtle—all the way!

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Hiking with mommy. “All the other hikers laugh at me because they think I’m too small, but I’m the one laughing when I pass their wimpy-ass big dogs at the end of the hike.”

FAVORITE FOOD: Duck breast—”but it gives me serious gas.”

PET PEEVE: “People who can’t sit still while I’m sleeping on their laps.”

LEAST FAVORITE PHRASE: “Don’t eat that!”

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