Overheard at The Dinah: The 30 Most Iconic Quotes Spoken By Lesbian Revelers

“Looking at the go go dancer’s ass was like looking into a crystal ball. I saw my future.”

I don’t even know where to begin, babes. The Dinah 2018 was truly one for the books. Since I still don’t have any words (I am still recovering from being surrounded by droves of sexy lesbians, purrrr) I’m going to let the anonymous quotes from YOU all speak for themselves. For every day of Dinah, I got my eavesdrop on and scribbled down all of the funniest, weirdest, and most iconic words that were spoken. From lez lips to goddess’ ears!

30. “All the legends are true. Dinah really is the happiest place on earth.”

Loves it. @thedinahshore @gomagazineny

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29. “I can’t wait for my girlfriend to go to the bathroom so I can look through her phone.”

27. “Just call her daddy. She’ll buy you whatever t shirt you want.

26. “I got Dana Fairbanks-ed in the airport. They took my dildo.”

25. “I didn’t know this many beautiful women could be in the same place at once.”

24. “Being gay is lit.”

23. “Babe you have my phone right?” (Me every five seconds to my girlfriend)

22. “Looking at the go go dancer’s ass was like looking into a crystal ball. I saw my future.”

21. “Take a shot every time the DJ plays Mi Gente.”

20. “Excuse me? You have an incredible ass.”

19. “I won’t share my coming out story until you buy me Burger King.”

18. “Let’s survive with our relationship and liver in tact.” 

17. “This is like the gay Disneyland.”

16. “Why haven’t I been coming to Dinah every year since I was born?” 

15. “We were humping so hard our veins were popping out of our necks.”

14. “I just want a girlfriend so we can take Instagram pictures in matching bikinis.”

13. “Chapstick lesbians are here to help the femmes get on the mermaid float.”

12. “Sometimes Dinah gets so lit that you have to take your arm off.” (Yes I took my prosthetic off to jump in the pool.)

11.  “Let’s just stop fighting and change the subject. When was the first time you licked a pussy?” 

10. “I feel bad for straight people.”

9. “Be a good friend and have a threesome with us?”

8. “No one accidentally looks like Shane.”

7. “When I’m at work, I feel like I’m getting water boarded.”
“You know, that’s considered kinky in some parts of Brooklyn.”

6. “I think I fall a little bit in love with every woman I see.” 

5. “If I’m not in the celesbian box, I’m going to kill myself.”

4. “Drake is totally a lesbian.”

3. “I’ll just fart on the dance floor. It’ll be cute.”

2. “This is better than our wedding!” (some seriously adorable couple that I wish I could hang out with everyday) 

1. “If I was president I’d make every weekend Dinah Shore Weekend.”

Lez be honest: Dinah is queer babe heaven!

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