More Famous Queers! True Blood Star Rutina Wesley Comes Out through Engagement Instagram Post

We love queer love!

Gay internet, rejoice! More queer celebrity visibility! If you scroll quickly through your Instagram, mindlessly double tapping like I do, you might’ve overlooked this post:

It just seems like a relatively basic quote. Right? But further inspection will show that this post is extremely queer. Like, two-women-getting-engaged queer! Read the hashtags: #IWasLookingAtHERAndFoundMyJOY.

Now scroll through the photo gallery. It gets increasingly gay. And ends on an engagement ring! *bangs fists on table and chants* One of us! One of us!

Photo by @rutina_wesley on instragram

So it looks like Rutina Wesley and Chef Shonda are engaged. How insanely gorgeous are they together?

*heart eyes*Photo by @rutina_wesley on Instagram

To have a Black bisexual woman in the public sphere is incredible. One Instagram user @akia_c expressed this in the comments section of Rutina’s bi pride post: “One of the reasons I love Nova so much is she is a black queer woman just living her life and as a black gay woman who is just trying to live her life…. you just don’t know what that means to see that reflected in a show like Queen Sugar. Thanks for that. ❤️” Visibility matters. It changes lives.

#Repost @therealsararamirez (@get_repost) ・・・ Happy #BiVisibilityDay! #Bisexual #BiPride #BiVisibility

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Congrats, Rutina and Shonda! GO Mag wishes you all the best. You inspire us. You’re cute AF. And welcome to the club.

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