LGBT Advocates From Arab World to Convene in DE

The Washington Blade reports that LGBT equality advocates from nine Middle Eastern countries will attend a first-of-its-kind meeting in Rehoboth Beach, Del., to discuss pressing issues of LGBT human rights in the Arab world. 

The Washington Blade reports:


More than half a dozen LGBT activists from the Arab world are expected to attend a first-of-its-kind meeting this weekend in Rehoboth Beach.


The meeting — which will include advocates from Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Gaza Strip who live in the U.S. — will take place at a private home from Aug. 12-14. Activists from Iraq and Morocco are also expected to potentially attend.


@Egaypt, an Egyptian LGBT rights activist who uses his Twitter account to identify himself, told the Washington Blade on Tuesday during a telephone interview that engagement of the Arab diaspora, increasing funding of advocacy groups and organizing around LGBT-specific issues are among the topics that he and other activists will discuss.


They will also talk about cyber security, HIV/AIDS and the media. A reception is scheduled to take place on Aug. 13.


“We’re definitely going to be sharing our knowledge,” @Egaypt told the Blade. “It’s going to be a huge dialogue.”

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